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6 Different Styles of Infographic You Never Heard Before

Info graphic is the graphical visual display of data, knowledge or information which is intended to give clear and quick information. According to research, human mind learns and retains visual information more than any other type of learning.

Here are 6 different styles of Info Graphic that has never been heard before:


  • Colourful Style:


Colour is an important part of human life. We are always very sensitive about picking the perfect colour for anything. Based on this fact, Kelly Moore paints came up with a unique info graphic of producing colour palettes by playing your favourite song. This info graphic produces visual data based on the music which is being listened, in other words it converts favourite musical songs into visual data. Since it has been created by one’s own emotions and feelings for the music therefore the person never gets exhausted of watching it.


  • An Interesting Blog Style:


This can be achieved by using Unique LinkedIn info graphic style in two different ways:

  • Firstly, the content is displayed in the form of specific theme that attracts the attention of readers. This can be achieved by using visual representation to convey the information. Thus making the content of the blog much understandable and exciting.
  • Secondly, the use of colourful images of fruits, grains, vegetables and meats the info graphic project brings out its own character. Thus making the blog look amazing and colourful.

For Example an interesting health or balanced diet related blog are one of the most demanding blogs. The content of this blog should contain images and information regarding the food the reader’s consumes.


  • Travel Maps Style:


This interesting visual info graphic displays map of a city in a colourful and interesting manner. It highlights the trails, transportation and places to be visited which will serve as an essential aid for the travellers for their adventurous journey.


  • Charts and Graphs Style:


This is another important Info graphic style used by the companies in their presentation. In this style you can compare between different topics by using Bar Charts. They can deliver the message behind the figures with meaningful and impacting clarity, thus making difficult data understandable in one glance.  For example compare amount of income among various religious associations in United Kingdom. Such info graphic can serve as an interesting tool to talk about sensitive topics in fun and unique way.


  • Interactive Info graphic Style:


Interactive Info Graphic represents large amount of information or data in organized, clean and logical way.  Using this style a compelling and meaningful story can be created based on the information provided. In this info graphic there is an attractive style which is gaining a lot of popularity among marketers it is called as Info GIF. It produces the survey of brands in a creative and fun way. The Info GIF has been created in a moderate way and it also has an ability to get published on blogs and social media forums.


  • Illustrative Info Graphic Style:


In this style of info graphic the marketer uses elaborated illustration of everything described in the songs or story thus making an entertaining visual presentation of content. This serves as an excellent technique for narrating a boring novel story using info graphic making it absorbing and interesting. Such info graphic shows the contexts; theme, authors and characters involved in the story and simplify the drama and complexity of complicated novels and course books.

Info graphic is now formed using computer software that is much easier and faster. They can also be viewed online or downloaded for the purpose of studying.


Author’s Bio: This article is written by Clinton Loomis, he is a known article writer, He likes to serve student who are usually found asking write my coursework. He completed his bachelors from University of London, UK.

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