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Published on December 13th, 2018 | by Sunit Nandi


Instagram: The modern day photo album for your business

If you are photophobic, I respect your disposition without being much of a judgmental freak. However, if you are not accustomed to taking photos often, you don’t know what you are missing yet.

From the first camera that was ever made, cameras have evolved into clear-cutting digital machines that can snap astounding images of your frame. Cameras are good for capturing photos that remind us of enjoyable moments and events.


It is said some pictures are worth a thousand words. This is well true as pictures could capture any emotion. Friends, relatives and the prevailing theme in your life can all be captured in one photo.

Phone cameras


The world’s first phone camera was introduced in 2000. Manufactured by a Japanese tech. firm Sharp, J-phones gave its users a unique mobile experience.

No longer just a device for making calls and chatting, users could enjoy snapping pictures for the first time from a phone camera.

Though it didn’t produce the quality photos expected like a digital photo today, it was truly a game changer. If anything, Smart mobile phone developers are working round the clock to generate mobile phone cameras that are better than the ones already in the market.

Smartphone’s came with their own sophistication. Aside from the common mobile phone camera, they brought with them frontal cameras. Frontal Smartphone cameras allow you to be the cameraman at the same time the image that appears in the camera.

This kind of images taken by self quickly found a footing in the digital world and became known as selfies. Selfies are easier to take from anywhere and you need nobody to take you a photo.



Instagram came into limelight in 2010. It is a social networking site that allows users to share pictures and videos on its platform.

Currently owned by Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, Instagram is no longer a mere social networking site. Techno-savvy business owners soon realized they could make profits with Instagram marketing.

At a personal level, Instagram has turned artists and movie stars into world brands with many amassing thousands of followers. Many young people have moved to social media sites in search of identity and popularity.

Unfortunately for many, popularity doesn’t come easy. Social media lifestyles are now taking a toll on how people live and relate with one another.

If it is a personal brand or a business you are trying to market over the internet, you could try auto Instagram likes. This service is important for improving your social presence. It offers all users a chance to improve their online presence for a small fee. The more money you invest in auto Instagram likes service the faster the number of followers you will gain.

Going by the number of top brands that have an account on Instagram, you want to try it out too for your business.

If running a business that is not on Instagram, you may have heard about Instagram already. Here are some of the benefits your business gets once you register on Instagram.

1. Instagram advertising platform opens up the larger social media world to your business


Both Facebook and Instagram now operate under one management. With Facebook’s robust advertising features, you can expect the same of Instagram.

Facebook advertising platform has a versatile range of options to capture audience dynamics. For instance, Facebook helps you to explore the different aspects of your audience. These aspects include location, age, behavior or interest.

Same as Facebook, Instagram has the same advertising capabilities. This means that of the 800 million monthly users on Instagram, you are likely to tap into one-third of these number. It has been proven statistically that one-third of monthly active users have bought products online via Instagram driven ads.

For example, displaying a photo gallery of the products you sell on your website, could lead visitors to your Instagram page. These visitors could be your next followers and purchase from you later.

2. Improves marketing for your business with user-generated content

As an online entrepreneur, Instagram can increase sales for your business through content generated by users. Because of the many images shared on the platform, your business has the opportunity to use them for marketing. This is done with their permission, however.

Let’s say you run a beauty parlor that sells women’s cosmetics. Most of the time, your customers will be on Instagram displaying the amazing effects of your product on their skins.

You could make use of their Instagram photos as leverage for marketing your business. Case in point, you could ask users of your product to hashtag their photos with your brand name.

3. Instagram Ads can track your sales and leads enabling you to have a clear picture of ROI


With many Ad platforms splashed out there, you don’t want to invest in an Ad company that won’t prove its effectiveness.

Fortunately for you, Instagram can track an Ad campaign you have set up. Some of the campaign activity tracked include leads, conversions, link clicks and the cost per result of a campaign.

An Instagram Ad tracker also helps you to understand your audience better. A results breakdown from the tracker helps you see the gender of your audience, their location and their device. If you had set a goal for your Ad campaign, an Instagram analytics tool helps you see what you achieved at what cost.

Instagram analytics help to track metrics for your business. This, in turn, helps you to see the ads that are making the most revenue and those performing dismally.

Final thoughts

Social media is here and is not fading away anytime. In fact, it tends to get better by the day. Thanks to a fast growth in technology, many social media users now possess a selfie camera on their phones. With a Smartphone also came the Instagram app. Apart from building your online connections through photographs, Instagram also gives your business an Ad platform for marketing. Leverage on its Ad tools to run a successful campaign for your business.

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