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How to Choose SaaS Help Desk Software

The market now is full of various software products. Thus, it may be hard enough to choose the best help desk software for your company. There are some tips that can help you to make your choice:

1. Ease of Ticketing

The first and maybe the most important aspect of any help desk software is the ticketing system. The process of creating, routing, adjusting, and closing tickets should fully correspond to your business needs and expectations. You should be able to create a ticket for a customer and route that ticket to the appropriate team or individual who can address it in the most efficient way.

The tickets should also be modifiable to bring more information on the customer’s situation. And, once the problem has been fully resolved, you should be able to close the ticket and save it in your records as a resource for future inquiries.

2. Variety of Channels

SaaS products expert Maksym Babych says: ‘Every support channel you use can be accompanied by a separate help desk. Yet, it will be not only inefficient, but confusing and wasteful’. It is much better to find the one software that fits all your needs ⁠—  support all communication channels, including email, social media, SMS messaging, and VoIP.

3. Self-Service Portal

Once in a while your clients have questions they can answer themselves. They just need a short hint. Self-service portals are quite helpful in these cases. Their main purpose is to provide users with quick answers to simple questions.

But self-service portals are useful not only when your clients need assistance. They can also be used as an internal help desk and provide agents with step-by-step guides to complex inquiries that can be easily copied and sent to customers. Rather than spending time rewriting the same troubleshooting steps, your reps will have a ready-made response to  almost every service request.

4. Integration with other Apps

The best help desk software will be able to integrate with other apps. Project managing, scheduling and messaging tools right in your help desk software can certainly bring value to you and your company. Moreover,  all the information gained through the help desk should be stored and available on every app that you use. The same happens with the information that is gained externally. There should be an ability to upload it into your help desk, so that your information is stored in one location.

If your information is centralized, it is easier to access and share with everyone in your company. The department where a person works doesn’t matter. If he or her has an access to customer data. A help desk of a high quality can streamline this information so employees can instantly find exactly what they’re looking for.

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