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Should You Hire An Employee, Freelancer, Or An Agency For Your PPC Marketing Campaigns

One of the most important parts of growing your business is being able to find customers. Effective marketing should seek to gain customers for the least amount possible, and it should attempt to find ideal customers that will make large orders and establish a long term business relationship. One of the most effective paid search marketing methods is PPC, which is also known as “pay per click marketing”.

If you are considering using PPC to grow your business it’s important to know:

  • What exactly is PPC Marketing
  • What stage of your business should PPC Marketing be used
  • What are “Clicks”
  • The Importance of Creating a Strategic PPC Marketing Plan

Equally important, your should know the benefits and drawbacks of:

  • Hiring In-House
  • Hiring a Freelancer
  • Hiring a PPC Marketing Firm

What is PPC Marketing

PPC Marketing is where a company will buy “clicks” for certain keywords with the objective of having potential customers click their ads when searching for desired products or services. It’s an easy way to get a business off the ground because it places the website at the top of the search results and makes acquiring traffic relatively easy. In addition to instant traffic, it can make it appear that the site is more popular than it actually is. Businesses that use PPC will only be charged when someone actually “clicks” their text ad – the ad can show thousands of times but the business will only be charged when a user clicks. Hence – pay per click marketing.

When is PPC Marketing Used

PPC Marketing is commonly used at all stages of business – on new sites that need to become prominent enough for them to generate new users, or established websites that want to continue marketing and acquiring customers. In addition, it is a common way to out advertise a tough competitor’s site.

The Importance of Buying the Right Clicks

An effective marketing strategy will involve choosing strategic keywords that will make your website pop up when users are performing informational searches specifically related to your business. If you don’t choose focused keywords, you will waste money on clicks that aren’t relevant, and won’t attract the right customer with the right intent. Search engines also keep track of such things as where the person who is making the search lives, their age and gender, what other searches they have made, and a variety of demographic information. In general it’s much more effective for you to purchase paid clicks from users who resemble the customers that you are looking for.

The Importance of Having a Marketing Plan

Before going about any kind of marketing, it is important for you to make a marketing plan. In addition to choosing the right keywords, PPC campaigns are most effective on a long term basis when combined with other forms of digital marketing.

Another crucial element of your marketing plan is how will you execute – are you going to do it yourself? Hire a freelancer? Hire in-house? Or hire a PPC marketing firm? When deciding how to hire for your PPC marketing you should consider your budget, paid search terms, and desired return on investment. Getting clear on this will help your make the best decision possible and maximize profits.

Should you hire an In-House Professional

One of the simplest ways for you to begin a PPC campaign is to hire an in-house professional. This has the benefit of having a dedicated person to manage a single digital marketing campaign. This means that the campaign will be managed in your office with you having access to a professional who can help you at all times. This sounds great but hiring an in-house professional can have a number of drawbacks. A single person may not be able to provide the right amount of labor to a campaign, or have the right expertise. This means that you might end up overpaying for a campaign or the professional may not be able to keep up with a large campaign. It also means that you will have to fire an employee if you are not satisfied with the campaign, want to stop a marketing campaign, or if you are dissatisfied with the individual.

Should you hire a Freelancer

A contractor solves many of the problems of hiring an in-house professional. It means that you can hire an individual for a specific campaign with you having the option of hiring additional professionals at any time. Many freelancers are will to work on a long term basis with you having the option of hiring the contractor at any time.

However, there are potential problems with hiring a contractor as well. A contracted PPC freelancer may charge a lot for a large project with them sometimes costing more than simply hiring an employee. In addition, a contractor may have other clients that will distract them from a digital marketing campaign, and many contractors work remotely with them not always being available when you want them to be.

Should you hire a Professional PPC Firm

The third option to hire a PPC firm. This gives you the flexibility of a freelancer with the dependability of an employee. In addition, a PPC firm can handle marketing campaigns of any size with them having access to resources to allow them to make a campaign as effective as possible. In general a professional PPC firm are more knowledgeable because its all they do all day, and also have a team of people to work on a project.

However, a PPC firm has a lot of overhead with them having to pay for everything from employees to an office. This means that a PPC firm may cost more than the other options.

The Importance of Deciding what is Right for You

Each one of these three options have their own benefits and disadvantages, and there are also different platforms on which you can pay for clicks. This means that you should think carefully about the different options when developing your marketing plan. It is important to consider these three options when looking at the size, length, and potential of your PPC marketing campaign.

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