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Programmatic Marketing Tips From The Top Programmatic Advertising Companies

Say goodbye to negotiating with humans for bidding on digital advertising space. With programmatic marketing, you can advertise by buying and optimizing digital spaces automatically with machine learning and AI. This method increases efficiency and transparency for both advertisers and the publisher. Programmatic marketing involves real-time bidding. This means that you will buy digital advertising space at the same time a visitor visits that particular web page. Programmatic marketing does involve some technicalities; hence it is best if you hire a Top programmatic advertising company for your needs.

In this article, you will come across some of the best programmatic advertising tips that will help you know more about this advertising aspect and get the best results from it.

1. Know your marketplace

If you’re new at programmatic marketing, it can be really easy to be overwhelmed with tons of ideas. The best way to start is by knowing what you are doing. Take your time and understand the different ways in which you can make the most out of your ads. Do some market research to determine your goals and then strategize accordingly.

2. Beware of inappropriate sites

One major challenge that tags along programmatic marketing is the risk of appearing on the wrong websites. Since programmatic marketing relies on algorithms and machines, it is likely that your ad might be displayed somewhere you wouldn’t want it to. To avoid this, you need to keep your demand site (DS) constantly updated by blocking out inappropriate sites. There are various platforms where you can block certain websites from your ad spend. This is the perfect way to prevent your ad from being displayed in the wrong spaces. You need to keep your demand site constantly updated and monitor it on the regular basis to check whether you need to add any more sites to the blacklist.

3. Stay away from fake bots

Although it is less likely that you come across any frauds programmatic marketing, you still need to ensure that you’re doing everything right from your end. Programmatic marketing has a record of 16% fraud ads which is still much less than that of the other digital ads. To be safe, make sure you monitor all your ad campaigns regularly.

Is programmatic marketing successful?

Since programmatic marketing is an automated buying process, its efficiency and effectiveness are multiplied as there is no room for human error. It helps a business to reach its target audience several times during the day. The audience can even respond to these ads in real-time. The traction time on these campaigns is much faster as it frees up the human workload. With greater media buying transparency and real-time insights, programmatic advertising can take your business to new heights.

How much does programmatic marketing cost?

The exact cost of programmatic ads depends on the quality of your listing and the level of targeting. The higher your inventory, your targeting will be more specific and this will lead to higher cost. Other features that affect your pricing are your industry, format of the ad, divide you’re choosing for the ad display and placement of the ad. These might not sound like major aspects, but these do play a significant role in determining the final cost of your ad. You can expect programmatic CPMs to cost you between $0.50 to $2.

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