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5 Dangers of Not Having Your Car Tinted

Most of the car dealers today sells cars that come with pre-installed window tint. However, many of the first-time car buyers opt to leave their car’s windows bare and clear- which poses a lot of risks not only to the driver but to passengers as well. Unknowingly to most of us, tinting your car doesn’t only make it more aesthetically appealing, but it can immensely help you to avoid numerous accidents and threats.

For instance, having your car tinted allows you to block excessive light coming from the sun during daytime. If you are a frequent traveler that finds it convenient to drive the hours of daylight, you may find yourself and your car interior’s scorched up by the fiery UV light from the sun if you leave your windows untinted. Furthermore, excessive glares from the sun will give you a hard time maneuvering your car along the road as you are more prone to excessively squint your eyes or use one of your hand to block the sunlight away from hitting your face- either way, will leave you with less control of your car.

Aside from the annoying sun rays, tinted windows can also save you and your passengers from the shattering glass during road crash accidents. Despite driving slowly, there are still a lot of undisciplined drivers out there that can harm your life in an instant. In fact, nearly 1.3 million people die each year because of road crashed- in which many are caused by shattered glasses. You can avoid this from happening as many of the professional car tint dealers nowadays uses a high-grade type of tint film that can withstand even the strongest collision, keeping those sharp, broken glasses intact, keeping you and your passengers safe if accidents ever happened.

Take a look at this visual guide by Global Tint, as it discusses the other dangers of not having your car tinted, and let it remind you on how tinting your car can basically save your life.

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