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NEXUS 6 vs iPhone 6Plus

With increasing competition, in the smartphone market there are plenty of mobile phones which have grabbed the smartphone market, and for this many new brands have come up with revised smartphones which has come with many great features and unique design. Nexus 6 is one high end smartphone which has created a safe place in the market and has got many good competitors and one such is iPhone 6 Plus.

iphone vs nexus 6

Apple was speculated to come up with one device which is iPhone 6 but iPhone 6 plus came as a surprise for Apple lovers. To have a well categorized distinction here is a formatted table which let us know which is better and why??

DISPLAYIt comes with a 5.96 inch QHD screen, with 2,560×1440 pixel resolution and a density of 493 ppi.
An AMOLED screen technology for the touchless screen.
iPhone 6 Plus comes with a 5.5 inch IPS LCD screen, with 1,920 x 1,080 pixel resolution and a density of 401 ppi. A HD screen.
DESIGNFor Nexus 6 there is not much change, just a curved back, a large camera lens and a circular LED ring flash.Design for iPhone 6plus is something apple never came up with,  ultra-thin aluminum case,curved corners, it is much sleeker, thinner and well designed. And much stylish.
SYSTEMNexus 6 will work on Android Lollipop,  which is the latest in the Android version.
It is powered by Quad core Snapdragon 805 clocked at 2.5GHz
Latest version of iOS, iOS 8.0.A8 coprocessor
CAMERAIt comes with a 13mp primary camera and 2mp selfie camera.8 MP iSight / 1.5 micron pixels, f/2.2 aperture., “digital” image stabilization
PERFORMANCEFor Nexus 6 there are two different internal storage models listed as 32GB and 64GB model and each have 3GB of RAM.iPhone 6 plus comes into three different internal memory storage listed as 16GB, 64GB and 128GB and each comes 1GB of RAM.
PRICEINR 44,000INR 62,300


It is quite clear as to which one is better among the two, but to have a clear view for the users there is a proper description below telling which one is better and how.

If we see the DISPLAY; then for Nexus 6 has a better screen, it comes with a good resolution and high pixel density. Where as for iPhone 6Plus the pixel density is not much high and so does the resolution.  And with such a display Nexus 6 is a much better device from iPhone 6Plus.

Then comes the DESIGN of both the devices, for Nexus it has a much brushed up design, whereas iPhone 6Plus has an ultra-thin aluminium case cover which can bend, although a curved design but this ultra-thin feature gives the key to Nexus 6.

If we talk about the SYSTEM, both the devices have come up with new and upgraded OS, where Nexus 6 came with Android Lollipop which version 5.0 and is much faster and well finished. So does the iPhone 6 which is systematised with iOS 8. Snapdragon is anyday faster in view of apple but both the devices play a very smart move and have come up with a powerful system.

For the CAMERA, iPhone 6 plus is again the same as iPhone 5 or 5s, nothing has changed as such, with Nexus 6 it has come with higher resolution and has a high capture rate. By this both camera’s are equally entitled well and seemingly will prove to be best for their individual devices.

Going through all these points what marks the PERFORMANCE is the smartphone with overall great features. Nexus 6 comes with 3GB of RAM which is quite powerful in comparison to just 1GB of RAM in iPhone 6 Plus. Memory for both the devices is sufficient enough, where nexus 6 has a powerful configuration and a solid hardware, iPhone 6plus has come up with a bigger screen, value for money factor is again going into the hands of NExus 6 as iPhone 6 Plus is just too high with not much value.

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