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How to Inspire Trust in The Minds of First-Time Blog Visitors

Every year, the average amount of time being spent on the internet keeps increasing. One of the more common ways people spend their time online is by reading blogs. Blogs have become a trustworthy way for people to acquire information about events, products, brands, services, etc. Businesses are more than aware of the efficiency of writing blogs as a marketing tool and a legitimate way of reaching out to potential customers.

However, this mutual understanding of the importance of blogs has made some marketers a bit complacent. Marketers are launching more and more websites and filling the webpages up with commercial messages. Naturally, online readers aren’t too pleased about the over-commercialization of their favorite sources of information.

When ‘clickbait’ becomes more important than sharing valuable information, the erosion of trust is natural. So, most modern-day readers of blogs don’t trust every creator they read on the internet. As creators, this lack of guaranteed trust can be challenging. But, there are simple tricks smart creators can and do use to differentiate themselves from the ‘clickbait creators.’ Here’s how smart creators should inspire trust in their first-time readers –

Every Blog Needs a Plan

Most businesses, marketers, and content creators jump into the practice of writing blogs because it comes with a guarantee of market exposure and lead generation. However, jumping into a profession or a skill without a plan and only with the desire to earn revenue is not healthy.

That’s why having a solid plan about every blog post’s intention, targets, and objectives is vital. A ‘blog plan’ should consider these simple details –

  • What valuable information the blog wishes to share.
  • Setting key target audiences – who is this information meant to help?
  • Tangible objectives. How many leads or clicks should this blog generate?

Try to Attract Smart Audiences

Aren’t ‘smart’ people likelier to not trust online blogs? No! Smart people who have expertise over certain topics and subjects are likelier to read and trust valuable content. So, if a creator prioritizes his or her role as a source of information over monetary gains, they are highly likely to attract intelligent audiences.

Smart blog readers are far better at judging the creator’s character. These judgments take place within seconds. So, bloggers don’t have enough time to convince their readers. But, if they view each blog post as a chance to connect with a smart reader, they can easily build an audience full of intelligent and responsive people.

Never underestimate your reader’s intelligence. If your blog post is well-intentioned and well-researched, your readers will find it valuable. Some key qualities of ‘intelligent’ content include –

  • The blog post should be entertaining.
  • It should contain time-appropriate information.
  • The presentation needs to be perfect. All the words need to be clear and presented in a professional manner.
  • The post needs to be original and not refurbished or a re-wording of a similar post.

Most importantly, the content needs to be useful to the target reader.

Making an Instant Impact

Most internet users don’t stick around for more than ten seconds once they realize a blog post is ‘useless’ for them. These snap judgments are usually not even based on thorough analysis. The reader doesn’t make an effort to go through all the information mentioned in the blog post.

Instead, their snap judgments are based on whatever elements of the website they notice first. To ensure your blog post doesn’t create the wrong impression, it needs to be –

  • Easy to navigate.
  • Properly aligned.
  • Mobile-responsive.
  • Easy to read in terms of font size and page design,
  • Spacious. There needs to be ample empty space between text blocks, images, links, etc.

A good way of separating two large text blocks is using quotes from inspirational figures of the past. Here are some amazing Eleanor Roosevelt quotes that’ll help you create the right type of impression on your target reader.

Admit Your Incapacities

One creator can’t have all the information a reader needs about a specific topic or subject. Every reader realizes that, so there’s no need to present yourself as a ‘know it all.’ Instead, apologize to the reader if you don’t have adequate information about a specific topic. Gain their empathy for not being informed about certain topics. Even better, redirect them to sources they might find more helpful than your blog post.

If creators prioritize these factors, they can earn the trust of their readers. Valuing information-sharing and the reader’s needs over commercial objectives is vital for every content creator.

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