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Testing your IQ with the help of iPhone games

You have paid a lot for your iPhone, so it is only fair that you use it for things other than SMS texting and posting things on Twitter. There are lots of apps for the iOS, and many of them will allow you to test your IQ and train your brain. There are a few good ones listed below. They will get you started if you are looking for IQ testing and brain training apps. Though you should already be aware that there are a lot of them online at the moment.

Using games on your iPhone does not sound very exciting when there are hundreds/thousands of action packed and fun games that you can play. The best thing to do is to not have them as your main games. Have them as back up games for when you are sat in a waiting room and you are bored but you are sick of your normal games.

iq games

That is when these sorts of games come in very handy. They make it so that you can train your brain and test yourself, but you may do it in a setting where the games seem interesting because they are better than staring at four walls whilst you wait. Its win-win if you do not have them as your main gaming games.

Super Smart

Price: Free

Developer: Formondo

Released: Oct 17, 2012

think again

This sort of game is a little difficult to trust when it has a name that was clearly created by a dumb person. Never the less it is a good app for building up a bit of trivia knowledge and for playing a quiz game that has a bit more of an arcade feel to it. You answer questions and get things such as power-ups and your own avatar that you can customize. You can even pick the apple arcade or classic version to play.

IQ Mission Free

Price: Free

Developer: YUMMY Factory

Released: Sep 28, 2012

With this game you can test the limits of your IQ by answering questions. They have added a bit more of an arcade feel to the game where you are a secret agent who has to go to different cities and answer questions to complete your mission. There are logical games that you can complete in order to build/grow your IQ and test it at the same time.

Mensa Academy

Price: $4.99

Developer: SQUARE ENIX

Released: Nov 6, 2012

Mensa academy

This is a game that was developed by Square Enix, the little angels that brought FFVII to the west, so give them the benefit of the doubt and ignore the silly negative reviews about it. It has had millions of users who have downloaded and used the app and game. It has Mensa approved questions on it that will test your IQ quite nicely. You may pick one of their five disciplines and pick from over one thousand questions. You can also coach yourself with the app so that you improve your IQ scores, and you hone your abilities and test your progress as you go. The newspapers and online newscasters have reviewed this game very well.

Brain Challenge 2: Think Again!

Price: Free

Developer: Gameloft

Released: Dec 19, 2011

This is a game that has not been reviewed very well, even though it is free so it is hard to complain. This is an IQ test that doubles over as a brain trainer game. It gives your brain a workout by testing you with logic and memory questions. It also has stress training lessons too that was a new idea when the app came out in the year 2011. There are 36 mini games that you can try on the iPhone app.


Price: $4.99

Developer: the binary family

Released: Jun 6, 2011

This is a game that has over six thousand questions on it to test you and your recollection abilities. The questions you are asked are there to help you improve what you know whilst also testing your IQ. The only unfair thing about it (which is true of a lot of these types of games) is that you need to know a lot about trivia in order to score well. You can set it to lesson mode where you are given ten questions and then given ten answers when you have answered them yourself.

IQPuzzle Free

Price: Free

Developer: Morning Egg Inc.

Released: Jan 15, 2010

The free version has an IQ test that you can take to see how smart you are. You may then improve your IQ with the tests on the app. You can work the tests at nine different levels to test your IQ properly, and there are different rounds that you can take in order to get further in the game. It has a nice mix of fun along with testing your IQ.

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