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Entrepreneurial Spirit: Tech Gadgets for You

If you’re like me, the word “entrepreneur” evokes visions of a go-getter running from place to place, meeting new clients, and closing deals. The entrepreneurial soul doesn’t sit around often. Efficiency is their best friend. Get it done! And get it done quickly!

Chatting on the phone while simultaneously sipping a coffee and hustling down the street to make the next appointment, entrepreneurs need technology and lots of it to work at their highest potential, making the most of every minute. Sound like you…?

Here are six tech gadgets for geeking out the entrepreneur in you:

  • RAVPower Portable Charger Power Bank

With 32,000 mAh, you have 11 days of power in a device the size of a phone. This assumes you’ll need to charge your tools of entrepreneurship: how do THREE iSmart USB ports sound?

Your power bank can charge your iPhone more than 11 times, your Galaxy S six times, your iPad mini five times, and iPad Pro two times before recharging itself.

In a hurry? This power bank charges 60% faster than traditional charging. And don’t worry if your business is messy: RAVPower Portable Charger is encased in fire and UV resistant material.

  • Tile Pro Tracker

Now that we’re all powered up, let’s not forget anything in our hustle and grind. Not to worry if we do: The Tile Pro Tracker is small enough to attach itself to anything you might lose (or have already lost in the past).

In addition to your keys, which should also dangle a Tile Pro Tracker, any small device that’s easily left behind could use a Tracker. Tapping the Tile Pro button will cause your phone to ring – in case you misplaced your phone, not lost – just misplaced!

As long as you’re within a 300-foot range of the tracker, your “misplaced” device (or keys) will play a tone loud enough to hear in a busy coffeehouse full of entrepreneurs.

  • Fitbit Versa Smartwatch

While you’re running your business, what is running you? Fitbit can help you take care of yourself from head to toe via the Versa Smartwatch.

Stay in shape with Smarttrack, which senses and then records activities like running and aerobic activity. Or you can use one of 15 exercise modes, tracking real-time pace and distance.

Water-resistant to 50 meters, you can also take Versa swimming while it counts your laps! And if you’re really serious about staying in shape to stay on top of your game, Fitbit Coach provides workouts right there on your wrist.

And, of course, your Versa Smartwatch plays music, features your favorite apps, and makes purchases with your credit card. Well, you make the purchases with your phone. One more coffee couldn’t hurt…

  • Dreem Sleep Monitor

Yes, it would be more convenient if you didn’t need sleep… While sleep is necessary, you can make the most of it by getting the best sleep possible, preparing your mind and body for optimum results.

The Dreem Sleep Monitor provides a comfortable method to measure sleep using the most accurate technology by way of four EEG sensors in the front of a headband, two on the back measuring brain activity, and a pulse oximeter measuring your heart rate.

Your Dreem headband doesn’t need WiFi or Bluetooth while you sleep. Simply plug the headband into the charging station, and the headband sends your night’s data to your phone where you can study your brain activity, heart rate, and nighttime movement.

Then, the Dreem app guides you to a sleep program best suited for your needs and helps you build a sleep routine that can contribute to your success. Here you can find a full review of Dreem if you are interested in knowing more about this EEG sleep monitor device.

  • IRISNotes 3 Smart Pen

Picture it: you’re an entrepreneur leaning on a tall table in a coffee shop, talking to a client on the phone, jotting down notes about your existing project when one of your partners from a new project walks up just in time for your next meeting.

What happens to those notes from the phone meeting? Are you going to run home afterward and type them up on your laptop before sending them off to the client?

IRISNotes 3 converts isolated characters and cursive handwriting into editable, digital text, stores up to 100 pages, and exports to Word, Notepad, Outlook, or JPEG via Bluetooth to any mobile device, both iOS and Android.

If your business involves sketches, IRISNotes can handle drawings and graphs, as well – even straightening out the lines for you. You can write up to 10 hours before you’ll need to charge via USB.

  • Verizon Ellipsis Jetpack

Well, I guess all of these gadgets are great until you’re in the middle of the boonies looking for a place to build a warehouse.

And not only is your phone hotspot not going to cut it out there, but maybe you’d like to actually talk on your phone rather than use it as WiFi for your tablet.

Verizon’s Ellipis Jetback allows you to connect up to EIGHT WiFi-enabled devices. You could have a virtual office in the boonies!

With the Verizon 4G LTE network and a long-lasting battery, feel free to wander from the city centers and all of those coffeehouses while still staying in the thick of things!

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