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Ruling the World: The Fantasy That Becomes a Reality with Mobile Gaming

Based off initial reports, Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire for Android and iOS is a pretty decent addition to the realm of kingdom-building mobile games. Machine Zone, developers of hit games Mobile Strike and Game of War: Fire Age, received the license to develop the title filled with characters and elements familiar to Final Fantasy fans. The game takes you through the world of Eos in an alternate story of the development of Insomnia, the capital city of the kingdom of Lucis. Android and iOS users can pick up the game for free, but let’s take a look at what it has to offer first.

Familiar Characters and World

The game does a solid job of immersing the mobile player in the world of Eos. Fans of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One game will be pleased to discover Noctis, Cindy, and other familiar faces making appearances. Players can send Noctis out on quests and fight fan-favorite monsters in the wilds of Lucia surrounding their capital. Past the artwork, there really isn’t much similar so there is no need to worry about repeating content you’re already familiar with.

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Like Machine Zone’s prior efforts, A New Empire is largely a kingdom building simulator. Players will gather resources and use Noctis to protect the surrounding region while gaining loot and resources along the way. You’ll use those resources to enhance and improve Insomnia so that you can gather more resources more efficiently. It sounds repetitive, but it’s got an end goal: the all-powerful Crystal. There is only one Crystal in the world, and whoever controls it becomes the Emperor. Players can form guilds to work together to fight for control of the Crystal, but it will require a lot of resources to maintain armies. Get a large enough army, and you can conquer the realm in FFXVANE.


Like many free to play games before it, there are many opportunities to spend real money in A New Empire. Players can use real money to speed up production of buildings, but also for permanent production speed increases. Frugal players will keep an eye out for special sales, which often combine large amounts of in-game currency with experience and speed bonuses. Eventually, the game will feature additional characters to purchase in place of Noctis. Does this make the game pay-to-win? Not really, as all of the tasks in-game can be completed by a player willing to put in the time and effort necessary.

Wrapping Up

In the end, Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire is a solid addition to the kingdom building mobile games market. You get exactly what you’d expect from this type of game, but with the addition of the strong quality artwork, storyline and characters of a big budget Final Fantasy production. Not only that, but you get it all for free. There’s no harm in giving the game a shot to see for yourself.

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