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Focus on 6 trends for social media marketing success

In 2021, social media platforms have more value than other channels of traffic. Due to the pandemic, people had to stay at home and get virtual relationships with others. That’s why social media presence became bigger and bigger every month of pandemic. As you may know, pandemic is still going on and we have to stay in private for most days of the week. That’s why social media marketing became important for business rather than focusing on search, pop, push or even native traffic. In this post, you’ll get a few tips that can massively change your perspective on the business landscape.

Your business won’t easily make money on social media

It would be too good to be true, right? You post a few photos on Facebook and chat with a few people on Twitter, then sit back and watch the euros start pouring in. Sadly, social media doesn’t work that way (nor does any other type of marketing or communication network) and yet many still seem to believe it. Social media can help your business achieve a lot (it can even help generate leads that could eventually turn into cash) but it’s not a stand-alone investment that generates a huge amount of revenue for the business.

Align your marketing goals with business goals

“How does social media help us improve customer satisfaction?” is a much simpler question than “How much money are we making from social media?”. Using social channels for a strategic objective, which corresponds to the real challenges and business objectives, will help prove the real impact that this has on your business model.

Here are some goals you could support through social media:

  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Acquire and maintain prospects
  • Improve customer relations
  • Provide information on product research and development
  • Use collective intelligence
  • Increase the visibility of your brand
  • Start measuring the metrics that really matter (KPI)

If your social media goals are aligned with real business goals, measuring just the number of likes and comments your last Instagram post received isn’t going to prove much. The types of metrics that really matter are the ones that help you demonstrate the real value of your social efforts.

For example, instead of just looking at the number of people who click on links you share on social media, you should compare your click-through rate with the bounce rate. This is the number of people who clicked on a link you shared on social media, on your website or blog, and then left without consuming more. Track this statistic against other sources of web traffic. If the social media bounce rate is lower than other sources, you can prove that you are targeting the right people on the social network and that the traffic you bring is more qualified for your business.

You will have to pay

Social media is no longer the virgin and wild territory it once was. The organic reach that businesses initially enjoyed has diminished due to the amount of content that is being created today and the way social networks like Facebook choose to organize their users’ content. Investing a few dollars in Facebook ads management for sponsored content and getting targeted users from Facebook ads is the best way to ensure that your content will have the greatest impact.

Make a targeted ad attempt

There is a big misconception that paying for sponsored posts and social media ads is something only reserved for brands with bigger wallets. You’d be surprised how far a few dollars can go, especially if you’ve done a good job targeting your campaign to reach the right audience.

It’s more important work than you might think

“So you get paid to tweet all day?” Is a question you should never ask someone who works in social media. Because the reality is that helping a business successfully digital marketing takes a lot more work than many people realize. This requires strong writing skills, rigorous editorial supervision, short and long term strategic alignment with other lines of business, and the ability to interpret and analyze data effectively. If you think it could be three different jobs for three different human beings, you’re right, but few companies are lucky enough to have dedicated social media teams at their disposal. And even finding someone who is as creative as they are strategic can be difficult.

Invest in the right people

Get a clear idea of ​​what social media skills are most important to your business, and make sure your job posting correlates with what you’re looking for.

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