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Published on March 3rd, 2020 | by Ali Dino


How to Find a Cheaper Phone Deal

For many people, a phone contract is one of their most expensive outgoings. Here are some tips to cut down on these costs.

  1. Only use Wi-Fi When You Can

Whenever a Wi-Fi connection is available, especially at work or at home, try to stay on. For those who don’t have access to Wi-Fi when they’re on the go, you can still work your way around it. Unless you’re on Wi-Fi, avoid downloading or streaming any music, podcasts, or movies.

If you use too much data, the fees can add up fast, and some providers can charge you the moment you go over. Be sure you remain within your monthly limit by only using your device’s cellular data whenever you need it. Also, some phone networks will give you a notification or warning as soon as you draw nearer to your specified limit. You need to sign up for such alerts!

  1. Restrict Your Background Data Use

Your apps may still be using the internet in the background, even if you’re not using it whenever you’re out and about. We understand this is quite sneaky. In your settings app, check out your Data Usage and the Background data usage of every app and ensure to turn off the apps you don’t use. By making this quick flip, you will realize that they’re no longer running in the background or draining your battery (and your data) while you mind your business.

There’s no big deal if you want to open your Starbucks app when you’re waiting in line. You should know that you can turn on the data for a particular application whenever you want.

  1. Sign Up For Paperless Billing or Automated Payments

That’s right; that’s one way you could reduce your cell phone bill with the least effort possible. However, this won’t save you a substantial amount of money. You could end up saving for having your bill automatically drawn from your account or going paperless. So, why wouldn’t you?

  1. Cut the Insurance

You might, for example, be paying approximately £11 every month for phone insurance. That accumulates to an additional £132 every year you are putting aside just in case something wrong happens to your phone. You could, instead, set aside some extra pounds every month so that you can afford a replacement phone if you ever required one.

For those who still feel like they really require insurance for your phone, take a step back and ask yourself: Have I actually bought a phone that I can’t afford? For those who lack the cash on hand for phone replacement in case something terrible happens to it, then your phone is too costly for your budget.

  1. Make use of Your Employee Discount

You also need to find out if your work provides team members with a general corporate discount. Also, it’s worth considering if they reimburse you utilizing your phone for work (calls, emails, etc.). And for those who are using their phone for a side hustle or home business, you may be in a position to cut off your cost when the tax time comes around.

  1. Purchase No-Contract Phones

Undoubtedly, cell phone companies have the insight to make lots and lots of money. And one way they like to do that is via contracts. To purchase a phone through them, you’ll typically have to sign a 2-year or even a 3-year contract to access their network. Then, they’ll issue with a ridiculous cancellation charge whenever you decide to switch carriers.

But what do you do instead? Purchase no-contract, gently used phones. Mostly, these phones have an “unlocked” label, which means you can take a SIM card and use them with any carrier. Search online and ask around for older phone models to buy at a discounted price.

Of course, you won’t get the newest or hottest smartphone this way; however, you could get a great smartphone without locking yourself into a costly company for a long time.

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