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Most Expensive Sports Cars Owned By Celebrities [Infographic]

Superstars like splashing out on eye-catching sports cars and some go to great lengths to stand out from the mass. They can afford to give big cash to have the newest exotics. For plenty of populace, a roof over one’s head and food in the fridge are requirements, but for others, whether it is due to a huge self-esteem, or just an obsession for nice things, a car that costs a wheelbarrow filled of money is a need. You be acquainted with that older saying, different strokes for different folks. For many celebrities, one astounding whip isn’t sufficient, which is where we get into the kingdom of the celebrity car collector.

So check out our list of the most costly sports cars owned by celebrities and see which star drives the priciest ride.

Most Expensive Sports Cars Owned By Celebrities

Infographic Provided By: Auto LED Shop

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