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Online Poker Guide – Basics To Play Online Pokies

Poker is one of the most played cash table games in the world! It is a very flexible game that can be played at home, with friends, and even tournaments with big bets involved. In some countries, poker is seen as a sport, not just fun… You can get an idea of how popular this game has become, from americas cardroom review. Keep reading to learn the basics for playing your first online poker game.

Poker Purpose

Basically, the game consists of making the best possible combination of cards and thus taking the bet of all the other players combined, which is gathered in the center of the table. This bet is called ‘pot’.

Poker Rules

This game is not easy because it requires players to know the rules perfectly. So the first thing you need to know and remember is the exact combination of cards and their associated effect: it is called the range of a hand. This is the first thing you’ll find in the poker rules section. We will show you the limits of bets and the pot. The most popular poker variants that are played in the casino are Five-Card Draw and Texas Hold’em since the skill of the players is the most important.

Poker Strategies

Speaking of skills, you have to keep in mind that half of the poker is lucky due to random card distribution. But you’ve already seen that, despite this, some players earn much more than others in the long term. What is your secret? We propose you to learn the most useful poker strategies that you have to know in order not to be the “fish” (rookie) at the table. When you understand them, we will not only teach you to win at poker, but to become, game after game, a strong professional player. This method is more about lanterns and mentality since a large part of the game is about the other players at the table as you are not playing alone.


If you want to play for fun, you can try video poker. This game looks a lot like slot machines, but you have the option to bet or not. You will have to know the basic rules of how to play video poker and nothing else. In 3 minutes of reading you will know everything you need. In fact, all you have to do to become the player you want is to practice and, why not, get to international tournaments. Remember that online poker is the best way to do it since you can play with all kinds of competitors.


You’ll find endless tips for playing free real online pokies games, everywhere! This table game is really fascinating and you can understand why it is one of the most played games in the world. Huge tournaments take place in virtual and physical surroundings all the time, and to pay exuberant values! It is a game of skill, logic and maybe a little spoon of luck. So, why not ?! Find an online casino and have fun in this game full of tricks! If you wish to play this game for free using bonuses and promotions, go now to and learn about the most exciting offers of online casinos. Good luck!

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