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Things to look while choosing a VPN for your Android Smartphone

If you own an Android smartphone or a tablet, you may want to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to keep your connection secure. A reliable VPN will secure the internet connection on public Wi-Fi networks and will help you access geo-restricted content from any location across the world. There are a number of android VPNs available across the internet you can also head to to see the list. This makes it really difficult for the buyers to make the right choice for a VPN that meets their needs.

On another hand, some Android VPNs are slow, while others are fast but unsafe, and there are many which claim to be a VPN but are proxies. So, let me walk you through this guide, which will help you select the best VPN to use on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Choosing the Best Android VPN – Things to Consider

If you wish to find the finest VPN provider for your Android device, ensure that you go with a secure and fast VPN with multiple server locations. Based on your requirements, different VPNs can be much more suitable than one another. If you stream a lot, you should choose a faster VPN.

If you wish to keep your data secure, go with a secure VPN network. If you wish to access blocked websites in certain countries, then choose the one having servers outside those countries. In addition, the VPN provider should have an Android app available.

You should be aware of certain aspects of the VPN while choosing the best one. Here are a few things that must be considered while choosing a VPN for your device.

Security & Privacy

Check out the logging policies and encryption protocols supported by the VPN. For privacy reasons, it’s important that a VPN provider must not store any logs. If your VPN stores log, it means that your data is still stored by the VPN company. This is something that you definitely don’t want while using a Virtual Private Network. The encryption protocols determine how difficult it is to crack the encrypted file. It is recommended to choose a provider that uses OpenVPN.


When it comes to a VPN, speed is something that you should not compromise at all, especially when you love to stream and download movies. VPNs might reduce the speed slightly but with certain VPNs, you won’t even notice this. The VPNs affecting your speed to negligible amount are highly recommended.

Ease of Use

There are VPNs that require technical know-how for the installation process. The best Android VPN providers are suitable for everyone and are very easy to install on your Android device. Most of them have got a user-friendly interface and are available on Google PlayStore for download.

The Servers

Another important factor to consider while choosing the best from an exclusive range of VPNs is the server. Ensure that the VPN you choose must have servers in multiple locations (specifically in different countries) to help you access geo-restricted content from anywhere across the world. For example – in Germany, you won’t be able to watch American Netflix, but if you choose a US-based server to watch American Netflix in Germany, you can easily watch the US TV shows and movies that are restricted in Germany.

Additional Features to Look At

Virtual Private Networks offer some additional features to make streaming faster and provide a better user experience to their customers. Choose VPNs that make use of modern-day technologies like kill switch, DNS Leak Protection, provide dedicated IP address and allow you access a lot of value-added features in case you have special needs.


Apart from the quality of VPN service, it is equally important to see if the VPN fits in your budget or not. You can easily find a reliable VPN provider in a decent budget, say around 5USD per month. This is why pricing should also be considered as a factor while choosing among the best VPNs.

The Bottom Line

Always choose a reliable VPN provider to access the internet from your Android device. It should be packed with all the above-mentioned features and should suit your budget. You can even leverage offers to unveil extra discount on yearly or half-yearly plans. Choose the most efficient VPN based on your requirements.

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