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Trucker Tech – How Modern Technology is Changing Trucking

The job of a trucker has always been a tough one. Long hours on the road, little sleep, and constantly fighting with traffic just to get to your next load on time. This is an industry that is still growing every day, and so too is the technology and innovation behind it. You have many different gadgets that make the job easier, like a spring weighing scale, so you can just focus on your goal. There is enough to have to worry about just driving a transport truck down the highway, you don’t want to be wondering about every other little thing.

Technology has been improving rapidly in the trucking industry, you can even see self-driving trucks starting to make an appearance. While these most likely will not replace the human component for a very long time, it is amazing to see how far the industry has come from its humble roots. It is an exciting time to be a trucker, and even more exciting if you like technology and gadgets.

Continue reading below to learn more about the latest in trucking innovation.

GPS – Global Positioning System

While GPS has been available for quite some time, the beginnings were a little rough and it was difficult to truly rely on it. These days, truck GPS is better and more accurate than ever before and you can get instantaneous updates on navigation just about anywhere in the entire world. Rather than using maps or memory, truckers can now easily plug their coordinates into the GPS system and safely assume it will send them to exactly the right place. You can even get updates to provide alternate routes due to accidents or roadwork. A trucker without a good GPS system nowadays will limit their efficiency on the road considerably.

Camera Technology

The entire auto industry has had a huge technological boom in the last decade, and cameras have become a huge part of this. There are cameras available that can show you every angle you could ever want from the comfort of your driver’s seat. There are 360-degree cameras that will give you a birdseye view of your vehicle, backup cameras to see what is behind you, and even forward cameras to show you exactly where the nose of your vehicle is. This camera technology has made trucking a lot safer and also made minor accidents much more preventable.

Driver Scoring and Review

Reviewing drivers is obviously not a new idea, yet the technology behind it has changed a lot over the years. Before a truck driver could only be reviewed when someone was sitting right beside them in the truck, or by other measures such as timing, mileage, and such. Driver scoring technology is taking the reviewing process out of the hands of managers and into the vehicle itself. These systems are designed to record everything that happens during vehicle operation and make drivers much more accountable for their actions. This is huge in keeping staff following proper procedure and getting their work finished as efficiently as possible. While some may not enjoy being constantly monitored, it is a huge benefit for the company in general.

Keep on Trucking With Technology

There are so many different ways technology and innovation in the trucking industry that are helping trucking to continue to improve and evolve. Innovation brings huge benefits to both the drivers and the businesses themselves, and it is important to know exactly what is available to help. So get your truck geared up with the latest technology, and you will quickly see a major difference in performance and feedback.

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