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Combating Stress Made Easy for JEE Aspirants

The examinations play one of the most significant roles in accessing and monitoring the progress and development of a student. Nobody in this world wants to undertake a test, but the truth is that every individual has to go through it. However, in this highly competitive era, examinations are often regarded as a burdensome task and the exam period becomes quite stressful and monotonous. The anxiety to succeed reaches at its peak especially if a candidate is preparing for one of the most vital examinations of his life such as JEE, JEE Mains or JEE Advanced. This stress factor has often proved to be quite fatal as there have been several incidents in the news where students fail to cope with the intense pressure and decide to commit suicide. But you can follow these simple steps to reduce your nervousness and then you can tackle the situation much better.

Interacting with your family members and friends

If you are going through a stress period do not conceal your feelings and emotions. The best way is to ventilate it or rather share it with your family members; specifically your parents and close friends. Maybe they will come up with some mind relaxing suggestions that will help in relieving the tension. You are spending ample time with your Physics and Mathematics textbooks which at times become tedious.

  1. Take Short Breaks

Do not sit for a prolonged period. Your mind also needs some relaxation and the best way to provide it is to take short breaks (30 minutes to one hour) in between your study.

  1. Share a Joke/ Listen to music

You can share a joke with your family or friends which will certainly act as a stress buster. Moreover, engineers are often regarded as very skilful joke tellers. You can also listen to some soothing music which pleases your ears.

  1. Talk about something interesting

You can choose an interesting topic for discussion with your friends such as a Bollywood gossip or any cricket match.  Such conversations will help a great deal in reducing the fear of exam.

Meditation and Regular Exercise

Whether you believe it or not, but regular meditation and exercise are the best medication to encounter the nervousness of JEE mains and advanced exams. It also helps in boosting up your confidence level. Moreover, it is also been proved scientifically that aerobic exercise help in relaxing the hormones related to stress. Do not think that meditation is only meant for the elderly people.

  • Do Yoga

Yoga helps in rejuvenating your entire body and revitalizes your mind thereby improving your concentration power. Deep breathing is a boon in exam periods. You do not have to think about JEE advanced cut-off but instead, focus on giving your best shot.

  • Some other exercises

There are some other exercises as well, which can be very beneficial. You can go for a brisk walk in the morning or for jogging as well. Getting fresh air is very important for your mind. It can act as a tonic. In addition, if you have a keen interest in swimming or bicycling, you can do that as well.

Revise Everything Properly

Revise your lessons properly before the commencement of JEE mains 2016 exam date. Do not leave anything untouched for the last moment. Clear all your doubts if any well in advance.

Getting Adequate Sleep or Rest

One of the crucial activities which JEE aspirants often tend to ignore is getting taking adequate rest or a good nap. Since you are putting in a lot of efforts to prepare for the forthcoming JEE mains 2016 exams your body as well as your mind needs ample rest. You need to take a nap for no less than five to six hours a day to wake up with fresh energy and mind for the next day.

Try to Remain Calm during Exams

Do not lose your composure and become extra conscious on the exam day. That can actually create an adverse impact on your mind. Staying calm and cool will eliminate the stress factor and you can write JEE advanced 2016 cool headed.

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