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Software Tools for Energy Managers

Energy management software manages and monitors energy facilities and systems in companies. They are vital as they to save on your energy costs. Many businesses both small and big have embraced these systems. They integrate both software and hardware solutions for monitoring, analyzing and controlling your energy use. The systems need the help of companies such as Powerline Design to be effective. The annual savings for those who use them are anything from 5-30%, a significant amount.

This then translate into a decrease in the overall budget helping businesses to make more profits. When you are purchasing your system, the licensing costs will vary based on some factors. You should hence get one with the ideal features to get a good return on your investment. Typically, you will start enjoying a payback on your investment after about one year. Here are some of the best energy management software currently.

1. Opinum Data Hub Software

This cloud-based solution helps environmental and energy professionals to make strategic decisions. It does this by allowing you to analyze, enhance, and visualize data sets from several sources. The software also helps employees to use properties, constant values, or variables in executing machine-learning algorithms. It also allows them to store the output to carry out further analysis. If you are a data analyst this software will let you to create your own activity dashboards.

You can generate insights in various graphic formats including line, and bar charts. Your supervisor can also receive automated SMS or email notifications on different irregularities. This includes activities like abnormal consumptions, collection issues, and data deviation. Opium Data Hub has API, allowing you to integrate your system with other third-party solutions.

2. Wattics Software

This is management facility is cloud-based. It works best for small and midsize businesses across various industries. Some of the best features of this software are energy monitoring and trend. Other features are projected savings and wastage analysis. Wattics will help you manage different activities within your business. Some of them are energy conservation, performance contracts and energy conservation. With this software you can analyze and compare your energy consumption costs with other costs. Henceforth you can identify specific areas that need improvements in your conservation efforts. Wattics can send you automatic notifications in case of consumption or cost deviation.

3. DEXMA Energy Intelligence Software

DEXMA is another impressive energy management software. It is a cloud-based cloud analytics and intelligence platform. Its main role is helping energy services companies provide their users with energy usage data. It serves companies of all sizes. The three key features are analysis tools, budgeting and automated reporting. When you use DEXMA Energy Intelligence you can check your consumption patterns, track KPIs and analyze energy prices. Other tools are digesting and forecasting, emissions monitoring and consumption alerts. As a user of DEXMA it is possible to run cost reports and manage your contracts.

A good number of businesses are energy intensive. If you want your business to succeed it is important to ensure that you are watching your energy use. Apart from reducing your gross budget, it is also good on the environment.

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