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A Gameplay Guide: 5 Most Useful Items in Minecraft

Over the years, video games have changed the world of entertainment, education, and strategy among the young generation. Technology allows everyone to not only have fun but also to practice critical thinking and explore creative ideas. Video games are the perfect outlet for people who like to explore their abilities and at the same time be entertained. 

Minecraft is a sandbox video game filled with 3D generated game physique. Released in November 2011 by game developers in Mojang Studios, it became the best-selling video game of all time. The game has accumulated a total of 140 million monthly active gamers as of 2021. 

Minecraft may seem like an easy game because of its simple design, but it is more complex than you thought. It is a virtually infinite place where you can get materials to craft tools and weapons to build different structures or reskin your character with Minecraft skins. Players can also fight off mobs and play and meet with new players from various places. 

What sets this game apart is a collection of tools and weapons that you can use to level up your Minecraft gameplay. The Minecraft enchanting table is a significant Minecraft gem that can help you upgrade tools, weapons, armor, and many more. Surely you are curious to know more about other Minecraft gems, so stick around! 

Get to Know These 5 Useful Minecraft Tools

1. The Minecraft Enchanting Table 

Minecraft players can upgrade their weapons using the Minecraft enchanting table. This table is an essential game tool because it can create and enchant powerful tools. It is known as one of the most effective upgrading gems in Minecraft. 

Players can look through the enchantment menu to start enchanting one of their items. The Lapis Lazuli, on the other hand, is a purple stone used to get a random set of enchantments on tools and items.  

But before you start upgrading your tools, you first have to create your enchanting table. Players will need diamonds, books, and obsidian to make one. Diamonds are usually collected when mining on below 15 levels, books are crafted using leather and paper, and the obsidian is from water flows over lava. 

2. The Pickaxe

Minecraft is all about building the best structures, so expect a collection of tools and weapons. The pickaxe is considered a useful item, especially with mining. It is used for collecting diamonds and other gems used for tool and weapon upgrades.

Different pickaxes are created depending on the player’s liking, but it has to be made using two stickers and three materials. Anything from an iron ingot, stone-tier block, or cobblestone can be used to make these pickaxes. 

Take note that elements like stone can be mined by any pickaxe. But Some stones like Golden Ore can only be mined by specific axes. Players need to choose wisely and upgrade tools each time they get the chance to. 

3. The Crafting Table

When playing the Minecraft survival mode, the crafting table is an essential item to have. You would not be able to make anything without it. It is a must for every player to have at least one crafting table. Not only can it help create tools and weapons, but it can also do damage repair. 

Minecraft crafting tables are found within igloo basements or witch huts, but they can also be generated in woolen tents and other small village houses. You can mine these with any tool but using the ax will be the fastest way to retrieve them. A set of planks can also be used to create a crafting table. 

4. The Chest

Just like in real life, we need a storage unit for our items, which is the same for Minecraft. Throughout the entire game, players will collect as many tools and weapons as possible. The Minecraft chest will be used to store all your collected items. While it may only fit a couple of items, it is still an important part of the game. 

The most treasured tools and weapons can be placed in the chests for safekeeping. Crafters who have been playing for quite some time now even have chest rooms because of all the materials they have collected throughout the game. Every player must have at least one chest, just use a couple of planks to create one. 

5. The Redstone

The Redstone is an important gem in making most of the mechanical creations in the game. It is one of the many basic materials you can use in building structures and even weapons. This gem is one the easiest to find and mine underground, but it remains valuable and important. 

Once you destroy a Redstone ore block using an iron, netherite, or diamond ax, the Redstone will immediately drop. It can also be found in the Jungle Temples or Woodland Mansions, where the villagers can sell Redstone dust in exchange for emeralds. These are also important because it has other multiple purposes besides creating red stones. This dust can serve as traps, lasts 15 blocks when ignited, and is an ingredient for long-lasting potions. 


The Minecraft video game is indeed a game-changer for not just entertainment but also critical thinking, creativity, and strategy. The tools mentioned above are just five of the many tools, weapons, and items you can use to build the best Minecraft world you can imagine. All the tools play a significant role in your Minecraft play journey, because they help you build your desired city, plus help you with upgrades. 

This game also allows you to interact with other creative gamers and crafters online. You can work together to fight off the enemies and build a bigger city. Whether you are a kid or a young adult, this game is perfect for you.  With Minecraft now supporting Ray tracing (RTX), only a 2000 / 3000 series card from NVIDIA will let you enjoy the game at a decent frame rate. For that, you’ll need a capable rig which consists of tons of different choices. Thankfully, the MVP presents you with the option of a PC Builder which does all the hard work for you.

Minecraft is one of the less stressful games you can play today, so you can maintain a work-life balance. If you want to learn more about Minecraft, be sure to check out for Minecraft and other gaming content, guides, and reviews!

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