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Classic Games Move with Tech to Create a Generation of Gamer-Gamblers

It appears that a whole generation has made the switch from gaming to gambling with the boom of the online casino market – in 2015, the iGaming sector had a volume of $37.91 billion and is forecasted to increase to $59.79 billion by 2020. The first online casino was unveiled in August 1996 with just 18 games available. Right now, there is a huge array of iGaming websites and new online casinos like w88 are appearing daily to try to appeal to the increasing numbers of people who want to play on their smartphone.

In 2017, the number of mobile phone users is forecast to reach 4.77 billion so it’s no surprise that mobile devices have gradually become the primary source of online gambling worldwide. In a way, it has simply been a natural progression for gamers who were Candy Crush Saga devotees to be looking for a similar gaming experience with online slots, but with the added thrill of being able to win some cash. It’s not just slots that are drawing people in though; there is a “big three” of games in the casino niche, and their diverse appeal has made them mammoths in the gaming community.


A game that is largely about reading the player rather than the cards has thrived in the online environment where players can’t see each other; it makes no sense! Online poker players have adapted their strategies to make them more about reading cards and other players’ betting styles in order to take the large pots on offer. However, online casinos have cottoned on to the fact that players like to see who they’re betting against and it’s now possible to play poker live with Pokercam tables and with a real dealer on websites like 888poker.

Along with the convenience of mobile play, the appearance of new games like SNAP poker, 888’s quick-fire version of the pastime, has been a major draw for some time now. And, with technology continually improving the experience and VR poker just around the corner, it’s unlikely that the popularity of this classic casino game will decline anytime soon.


The graphics, gameplay, and transaction methods that are now available for smartphone users make slots play effortless. With the gameplay comes jackpots and thousands of different themes which means there is a slot game suited to every taste. Game developers have been busy creating a large assortment of games that incorporate the themes that they believe will make their game either stand out and be a market leader or create a niche market of committed players.

There are slots for your favorite band, such as the Kiss slot, your favorite movie, like The Big Lebowski slot and your favorite cartoon, with the South Park slot. There are also options for candies, diamonds, sports, and the classic fruits for those retro gamers out there. It’s been an unexpected rise from the humble slot machine to the online giants available now and it’s another form of gaming that’s just itching to be transformed once again when mobile gaming progresses into VR gaming.


A very simple equation here, people like watching sports, sports are more interesting when you have money on the line, and, therefore, people bet on sports. The facility to bet on all conceivable outcomes of an event while watching the live action makes it an incredible draw for punters. Combined with the fact that it’s now spread to enable people to bet on almost anything from Justin Bieber being the next President of the USA to Tyrion Lannister taking the Iron Throne, it’s something everyone can get involved in. Indeed, over 30 million pounds was bet on the UK General Election recently, an increase of five million on the amount staked on the previous UK election.

Those are the “big three” games that have made gambling with tech so massive – and we didn’t even mention bingo or blackjack. Looking at those gaming options above it’s not hard to see why online casinos have become such huge hits and there’s little doubt that these classic games will continue to evolve with technology and prove just as popular as they always have been.

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