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Contact Lens Myths vs Facts

If you are considering contact lenses, you may have heard of several ‘horror’ stories about lenses getting lost or scratching the cornea. Some of these are myths and cannot happen given the anatomy of the eye.

Let’s take a look at what the myths are and the facts behind them:

1. A contact lens can get lost behind the eye

Not true. It is physically impossible for a contact lens to get lost behind your eye. There is a membrane that covers the eyes and prevents anything from getting behind the eyes. However, it is possible to get a contact lens stuck behind your eye. If this happens, all you have to do is remain calm and blink to get it to come back to the center of your eye. If this doesn’t work try rewetting drops. If all fails, see an optician in Singapore.

2. Colored lenses are just for aesthetics

Absolutely not. Colored lenses actually are of 3 types – enhancement, visibility and opaque tint. You can use a visibility tint on your lenses to help you see your lenses better if they fall down on the floor. Enhancement and opaque tint are responsible for changing the color of your eyes but they are by no means only aesthetic. You can have corrective colored lenses like the Bella lenses collection especially radiant hazelnut bella that not only helps you see better but also makes you look phenomenal.

3. Contact lenses scratch your eye

This is not the usual scenario. Your contact lenses are supposed to be properly fitted by your doctor. If you rub your eyes or wear makeup that is not hypo-allergenic or even wear colored lenses that are sold without a prescription, you can end up scratching your cornea. If you feel the slightest discomfort, take the lenses off and see a doctor.

4. Contacts can get stuck to your eyes

This is true if you do not follow your doctor’s instructions carefully. Sleeping with your contacts in can cause your contacts to get stuck to your eyes but this usually not a serious problem and can be taken care of at home.

5. Contact lenses are expensive

Not really. Lenses used to be expensive but that is not the case anymore. You can get contacts for much cheaper now. Buy contact lenses after going to your doctor for proper recommendation. You can order Biofinity Toric Multifocal online also after consultation with your doctor.

6. Contacts are very difficult to care for

Yes and no. If you follow your doctor’s orders to a T, your contact lenses are not going to give you any trouble. However, there is a learning curve, especially in the beginning. After that, you can pretty much remember to take care of it in auto-pilot.

7. Contact lenses are not meant for children

Children can wear contacts just as much as an adult. There are no greater risks involved. Children of 8 years and above can actually take care of their lenses by themselves and it has been shown to greatly improve their self-esteem.

Talk to your doctor regarding all the doubts you may have regarding contact lenses. Your doctor should be able to answer any questions you may have regarding the use and care of lenses and put your mind at rest.

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