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5 Reasons Why Stories and Vlogs Will Not Attract New Subscribers

It is the dream of every blogger, vlogger, and content creator to have soaring numbers of subscribers. Most will fail, more precisely, abandon ship too early but for those who remain, this seems like a reality for some time. They are fresh on the scene with plenty of ideas and the energy to go with it and their aggressive marketing and promotion efforts the number of subscribers keeps rising and rising. However, it gets to a point where there are no more subscribers getting on board and at this point fresh ideas are needed to spruce up the blog, or vlog.

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You may decide to add new subjects of blogging and there is no shortage of ideas out there. After you research a little on the hot blogging topics, you settle for blogging about traveling since, after all, you travel quite a bit. However, before you set out to chronicle your expeditions, is that the best idea for you? It might not be. Discussed below are some of the reasons why a travel blog or vlog may not necessarily attract new subscribers.

  • Limited information to post

Traveling is largely the same inclusive of the same itinerary over and over again. Think about it, how many different things can you do while traveling? It is largely the same set of activities and much as you may try and get creative along the way, you can only vary so much. Getting new subscribers requires that you are highly creative and able to come up with versatile content. People may warm up to your blog in the first few months or even years of its existence get bored easily and they will tire of seeing the same person doing the same things time and again.

  • It takes time to generate a profit

If you are driven to blog by a need to make money, you can easily be demotivated. Quite honestly, most blogs are aimed at making money, that is why you need people to subscribe to your channel. Travel blogging can get discouraging according to one travel blogger. There are two options in this case: you can either get another source of income, or you can press on blogging until you break even. None is easy. Blogging without income can seem self-defeating and cause you to lose heart and not write well enough to pull more subscribers. Similarly splitting your attention between travel blogging, which is super demanding and other activities run the risk of hurting the quality of your writing too, to the same effect.

  • Constant evolution in the world of travel blogging

Every industry is evolving, you would argue, but considering it’s a relatively new industry, travel blogging is doing so at a much faster rate. You, therefore, need to be researching constantly to be able to stay ahead of competition and keep attracting more new subscribers. Should you fall behind on the trends that the readers are orientated towards, you can very easily cease generating any interest and see a drop in new readership.

  • It requires a team effort

Blogging is easily one of those activities that allow you to make all the decisions on your own and that is advantageous in your areas of strength but not so in your weak points. The technicalities involved in the blogging such as the photography and the logistics require you to have extra support. In turn, you need to sustain income for two or more people to keep your performance at its best. If you are unable to do so, you can start to watch your readership numbers slide as your work’s quality may be compromised.

  • The competition is intense

Travelling is one of the hobbies that the rich and famous take pride in. Some may not blog officially but they share their exploits on social media and you all compete for the same space despite the fact that you at times have to live on a budget abroad as a travel blogger. You have to make your vlogs more interesting than, say, Paris Hilton cruising in her $285,000 Bentley. This calls for you to be able to offer something more than the pages of Instagram do to stay in business.


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