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PAX 3 Vaporizer Review: Sleek and Chic

Thanks to evergreen demand for vaping, newer and better vaporizers keep popping up today. Prominent vape manufacturers, from Mig Vapor to SMOK to Innokin, continue to improve their line of vaporizers and other vape products to provide the best experience for vape enthusiasts around the world.

Today, we take a look at PAX’s latest vaporizer, the PAX 3, and its upgrades to its successor, PAX 2. There’s not much change on the outside appearance, but don’t let the looks fool you. PAX outdid itself with the new internal upgrades for PAX 3, and that’s what we’ll go over in this post.

PAX 3 Overview

PAX 3 is the third in PAX’s line of portable dry herb and concentrate vaporizer. This upgrade to PAX 2 introduces plenty of upgrades and newcomer features, like the PAX Mobile App for managing your vaping experience.


✔️ Produces quality vapor

✔️ Sleek and elegant design

✔️ Portable and fit for discreet use

✔️ Improved battery life

✔️ Comes with a smartphone app


  • Requires more cleaning and maintenance
  • Device heats when used intensely

What’s New with PAX 3?

One of the upgrades with PAX 3 worth mentioning here is the vibration alert feature added on the device. It’s a good thing PAX is catching up with the newer versions of vape today, which also have the vibration feature. The vibration is not as loud as with other vapes though, but still noticeable, making it perfect for discreet use.

Battery life is also upgraded in PAX 3, boasting an increase from 3000 mAh to 3500 mAh. This upgrade allows vapers to use it for more smoking sessions, ideally around 8-10 sessions before the battery runs out of juice.

It also heats up faster than its predecessor, speeding up the then-45 second heat-up time to only 15 seconds. The device gets warmer than usual after use, but that’s typical with small vaporizers.

PAX has included a concentrate insert on the Complete Kit version. However, the vape gets sticky after using it with extracts, so it’s advisable to buy a separate vape pen instead.

There’s the newly-introduced PAX Mobile App that comes with PAX 3 too. The app allows you to customize your vape and its user interface. You can even name your PAX 3 through the app! The mobile app also allows you to “lock” the vape to prevent other people from using it without permission.

There are video tutorials and live temperature display in the app, but the best part of this is the dynamic modes. It allows you to adjust the temperature of your vape, and you can choose from these options:

  • Standard – temperature is activated and adjusted based on how you use it; perfect for beginners
  • Stealth – produces less vapor and odor and speeds up cooldown for discreet use
  • Boost – ideal for quick smoking sessions
  • Flavor – faster temperature increase and cooldown to give the best flavor
  • Efficiency – ideal if you want to prolong battery life

Lastly, Pax 3 also boasts a newly-added lip sensing technology. This means the vape can analyze how long your draws take and will adjust your vaping experience based on this.

On Size, Design, Build, and Portability

PAX 3 maintained the same size as PAX 2, maintaining its suitability for outdoor use, especially for the active ones who are into sports like biking, hiking, and more. The overall weight of the device is distributed evenly. Anodized aluminum was also used in this version, ensuring the vape’s structural stability.

PAX’s new vape features a minimalist design, with only the PAX logo present on the device. The cylinder shape makes it good for handling, even when you’re on the go. At four inches tall, you can easily keep it in your pocket or backpack.

It comes with two paint finish, glossy and matte. The matte finish is a better option if you don’t want scratches and fingerprints ruining the sleek design of the vape.

Quality of vapor and overall performance

Despite the small size, PAX 3 is proving to be a bang for the buck. The heat-up time takes around 15-20 seconds, but if you want to the “climax” part, you’ll have to wait for 30 seconds or so. Still better and faster than PAX 2’s 45-second heat up time.

In terms of vapor quality, PAX 3 never fails to deliver. The first few hits of the vapor and flavor are topnotch. After those few hits, you may notice the flavor and quality slowly degrading, though. It’s not as long-lasting as other vaporizers like Mighty, but considering the size it comes in, it’s actually better than expected.

Device Kit vs. Complete Kit

PAX has recently released two versions of PAX 3: the “Device Kit” and the “Complete Kit.”

The Device Kit, priced at $199.99, contains the following:

  • The PAX 3 Vaporizer device
  • Full oven
  • One flat and one raised mouthpiece
  • Charging dock
  • Cleaning kit

On the other hand, the Complete Kit, priced at $249.99, comes with the same items from the Device Kit, together with these add-ons:

  • Concentrate Insert
  • Extra half-pack oven lid – allows you to smoke dry herbs at a smaller amount; great for quickie sessions
  • Multi-tool
  • Three screens

Both kits come with two mouthpieces – flat and raised.

The flat mouthpiece stays true to the sleek design and shape of PAX 3. It may feel a little awkward to use because your lips are touching the mouthpiece and the side of the device. The raised mouthpiece solves this problem but may look awkward when placed atop the device.

Is the PAX 3 Worth It?

Many vaping enthusiasts are actually impressed with PAX 3. If portability and concealment are important to you, then look no further. PAX 3 is the perfect option for you. It’s small and sleek, has plenty of adjustment options, and has faster heat-up times than most vapes with the same size and structure.

And have we mentioned it comes with a 10-year warranty too?

You can get your new PAX 3 directly from PAX’s official website, or from authorized vape dealers.

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