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Benefits of a multi-currency Genome account

Businessmen who work with international customers in Europe and other countries, sell them products and services need a multi-currency account. They make the experience of clients exceptionally comfortable because they can use the currency of their country for purchasing products. At the same time, the owner of a multi-currency account will get instant exchanges and transfer money at a reasonable fee, if they choose the reliable service for such operations.

Why a multi-currency account is an excellent tool for business?

If you already have a Genome Account for business, you can enjoy a multi-currency account instantly. After joining this company and verification procedures, you’ll be able to create accounts and select different currencies for their operation.

Open a business account to use the following benefits:

Transfer money and do other actions instantly

Genome’s SEPA transfers between users are instant. You can access all services when you feel like it – from the phone or computer.

Corporate card

Genome provides both virtual and physical cards. Thus, you can choose the option that suits you best and track all the transactions.


Open a business account and then share it with those who need to have access to these financial data. The workload may be distributed between the employees.

Integration with other systems

This system may be integrated with other websites and ecommerce platforms. So you’ll be able to link your multi-currency account with other resources.

Open a multi-currency account easily

First and foremost, you need a Genome Account to get your multi-currency account inside this system. The overall procedure will be the following:

  1. Start your account after the KYC process. It’ll be in EUR by default.
  2. Log into the system and add another account in a preferable currency. Money can be stored in USD and GBP also.
  3. When your international customers make a purchase in another currency, you can make an exchange instantly and with a reasonable fee.

Money is going to be stored, transferred, and exchanged securely and swiftly. Therefore, no more worries and emergencies, just the best experience and the most successful business ever. You’ll enjoy such modern financial service!

Moreover, if you recommend this online account to your friends or partners using the special code, you’ll get the commission fees after their registration and first usage of the system.

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