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29 Ideas to Make Money From Home or Online

There are many ways to make extra money, some more elaborate, some simpler, some faster and some more patiently. Primetimeessay team do a review of ideas to generate extra income in the face of the need and difficulty of finding a job. These ways of earning money like How To Start a Cleaning Business have been employed by different people at certain stages of their life.

1. Diving of containers

Do not call it “look in the trash” because it would sound bad, but Rosa and Pedro de Córdoba say that five years ago, when they were university students, they lived in a university area and took advantage of the end of the season, when students left their floors, Look in the containers what many were not taking. From shelves, clothes, books and all kinds of school material, and even sometimes televisions and computers that do not work, and that only need to be fixed. All this was sold in both second-hand and EBAY stores. They claim that they have earned up to € 2,500 selling many of the products that the university students left to make the move.

2. Buy-sell second-hand goods

Some people visit the second-hand stores looking for undervalued products and the possibility of selling them at a higher price on EBAY. Others directly buy things at symbolic prices to sell them on the internet. If you also have technical knowledge, such as Juan de Granada, if a scanner or printer is damaged, it is usually more expensive to fix it than buy another, so he earns money by buying that old scanner or printer spoiled by 1 or 2 Euros, repairs and puts it on sale.

3. Private classes

Both in person and on the internet today, if you have specific knowledge and on the other side a person (or student) who needs them, there you have an excellent opportunity to earn money. And now thanks to the technological advances you can even have your own private lessons in a group, where you can have more than 10 students connected to the Google+ Hangout. The price is up to you.

4. Donate blood plasma

Many people in the United States are turning to this way of generating extra income, where donating blood plasma twice a week (or the maximum time allowed), some earn 250/300 dollars a month. Question of looking if you have this possibility of earning money in your country.

5. Paint facades of houses

Probably many people do not want to spend money on painting the front of their house, but … and if you knock on the doors of their homes and tell them that you are trying to save for college and that for € 10 you give a review of painting To its facade ?. This idea came to Dani, an 18-year-old boy from Jaén and says he can earn € 40 a day if he works intensely, as he says he did half an average of 4 façades a day charging € 10. It was clear that he did not sell himself as a painting professional, but the facades were better than they were at the beginning, and his customers were grateful.

6. A YouTube channel

Perhaps this way of making money is more elaborate than the previous ones, since it requires winning some faithful visits, and luck may also influence. You can make a channel of some material that gets you good (kitchen, finances ….) or even a channel of humor, where if you are creative you can be very successful. We have already released some of the channels that generate more than $ 100,000 a month in revenue on YouTube. If you do not know where to start in this aspect, we also gave some tips and steps to make money on YouTube.

7. Make small furniture and recycled objects

If you are a “handyman” and also creative, you can build all kinds of objects with all kinds of pieces you find. People are paying between $ 150 and $ 500 for objects like those in the photo. Lisa Frick, the creator of these objects earns about $ 250 a week selling these recycled materials products.

8. Managing Twitter and Facebook accounts

We talk about making money by helping those small businesses or freelancers who do not have much time to give them visibility on the internet or get a considerable number of followers. It would be like the work of a Community Manager, but focused on people who do not know what that word means. Sometimes we forget that there are many small entrepreneurs who have a knowledge or in matters of technology, so they would not know or open a Facebook page for your company. For a small fee, I’m sure they would leave it in your hands.

9. Participate in medical studies

Many laboratories and universities often need people for some study, where they pay around € 50. Some laboratories also want to test the side effects of a drug, and usually pay something more for the days of the study. As long as it does not pose a risk to your health, it is a good way to earn extra money by collaborating with science.

10. Create an application

If you have knowledge in this sense, you can create an application for iPhone and Android. If your application is very successful, you may buy it for 1 billion dollars, although if you finally only have an extra income of 150 or 300 euros per month, it would not be bad, as you think of that other application of million euros.

11. Make money by selling your photos for the image banks

There are many banks of images where you get paid every time someone downloads or uses your photo. This way of making money is not fast, since it could take you to sell your photos, but it is another way. One of the most important image banks is Gettyimages. Of course you should know perfectly the pros and cons of doing this. In this blog, the author makes a perfect summary from his experience on how to sell your photos at GettyImages.

12. Photographer for people, companies and “contacts”

Both companies that want to make a professional book of their business as well as for people who at a certain moment are looking for a photo album. Likewise, as we have said on other occasions, the work of contact photographer can be very profitable, where some women and men who advertise on the contact pages, need professional photography, with their timely retouching.

13. Movie style wedding videos

Since people want to feel protagonists on their wedding day, why not make them a real movie ?. Title, soundtrack, credits and dialogues in film form can create a before and after in the business of wedding videos. Only great knowledge in video editing is required.

14. DropShipping

Sell ​​products without storing them. We are only the intermediary. The customer buys a product from a company through us, and once the purchase is made, it is the company itself that sends the product to the customer’s home. We take a commission for it, without investing in the purchase of products or the sending of products. On more than one occasion I have been asked about reliable sites from DropShipping to sell products from China. In ForoBeta they made a summary with 70 Chinese sites to collaborate in DropShipping mode. I do not know the reliability of each and every one of them.

15. Sale of homemade (organic) food for children

Many mothers do not have the time to prepare a meal in a condition for their children, because of the work, so that your kitchen can become the quality home food supply for your building or neighborhood. Thus Big Dipper was born, today, a great company.

More small business ideas to earn extra money

  1. Personal Trainer: At your home or at the client’s home you can earn money by helping with the personalized training of a person who needs to lose weight or get in shape.
  2. Yoga Classes: Yoga is fashionable and more and more requested, so if you have space in the living room of your house and the necessary knowledge, in a few hours a week you can make money with it.
  3. Coaching: Both a personal and professional Coach, today can open a large market as long as it is good at what it does and know how to make itself known.
  4. Blogs and Webs: We do not talk about making an online store (which requires a lot of work), but doing the corporate blog or the web of a company can take very little time and is well paid. If you also require our services as SEO or social network management and it is within our knowledge to offer it, go ahead.
  5. Make money with Conduit: Conduit is a platform where you can create custom applications and toolbars. Each time you download an application or install the toolbar you have created, Conduit pays you.
  6. LowCost Jobs: If there is something you know how to do and another person would take an hour or two to do it while you do it in 10 minutes, you have business. For example, someone who has no idea of ​​webs and blogs and needs to install a plugins or a simple button to share. For 5 € I at least do not even think about it. (Read: 8 realistic ways to make money on the internet)
  7. Sale of handmade wool products.
  8. Customized clothing and shoes. (To know more: 11 ideas of profitable microenterprises)
  9. Express clothing arrangement.
  10. Child, elderly, or pet care.
  11. Management and elimination of false reputation on the internet. (To know more: 5 business ideas at home)
  12. Virtual Assistant.
  13. Wedding planning.
  14. 29. Superior message service: we will always find old people and people with a lack of time. Pick up dry cleaning suits, bring a parcel to the post office, bring the purchase of an old lady from the supermarket so she does not take weight.

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