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What to Know Concerning Free Proxy Site

In today’s age, we love surfing the internet in order to keep up with the current news and trends. However, some sites are dangerous. They can be an open source for cyberbullying or someone may steal all your personal information or even send you a virus that may crash all your operating system.

With growing technology, web developers have come up with an ingenious way of how one can hide their identity online as well as IP address. This is where free proxy comes into play. It’s a secure way to surf with no worry at the comfort of your home or even workplace.

It is important in selecting a proxy website which can support multiple sites like; various search engines, for example, Google which is widely used, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram not forgetting email addresses.

There are various things to consider while choosing a free proxy:

Key components of a free proxy

  • Hides real IP addresses enabling surfing while hiding your identity.
  • Can be used in any OS.
  • Supports HTML5 videos and audio play.
  • SSL encrypted websites.
  • Contains permalink features that may be shared with friends

Windows’ free proxy includes

  • PenguinProxy: these free proxies enable an individual to hide their IP address during connections in various web pages.
  • CCProxy: Any computer guru can create their own server using these proxies. An individual is can share the net with different users in Local Area Networks. You can also create authoritative systems and various groups.
  • Psiphon: allows a person to surf online freely. It provides unlimited internet and it is easy to install and setup which allows you to go through any kinds of unauthorized places.
  • SafeIP proxy: it allows a user to hide their own computer’s IP addresses and utilize fake IP. Thus keeps an individual safe from dangerous websites. It’s of great benefit as it offers cookies which protect your privacy. It is a great choice if you are browsing with site mirrors such as kickass proxy to get access to torrent sites.
  • KProxy: it is an application that can be used anytime and does not require installing. With this kProxy, an individual is able to get any classified content on the internet. KProxy is readily available on the internet.
  • UProxy: it is available for Firefox as well as chrome. With this proxy, one is able to share it with another person. It is used after connecting to the computer with a reliable online connection.
  • Ultrasurf: This proxy allows a person to become anonymous by protecting their online content. It’s also important as it helps a person gain classified and unauthorized informative material online.


At a time where all the information can be found just by a keystroke, we need to be extra vigilant. It is important for people to use a free proxy to be safe from stalkers and malicious people. They also enable one to obtain classified content that may be stored away from the general public, it might be hiding a scandal or very vital information. The Internet may be a dangerous place to store information but a sure good back up storage. It’s important to stay safe.

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