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What Are The Best Baby Tech Gadgets for First Time Parents?


It’s 2019, and parenting had become a lot easier than it used to be even 10 years ago. Right now, there are many cool parenting tech gadgets which are actually wonderful.

In today’s list, we will hand-pick such 8 tech gadgets that you should get right away if you’re already a first-time parent, or expecting to be one very soon.

Let’s start

  • Video Monitor

You want your baby to be in front of your eyes all the time, right? But as a matter of fact, that’s quite impossible.

What you can do instead is, get a video monitor. With this installed in your baby’s room, you can stream footage live which shows what your baby is up to.

Ad addition of microphone will provide an audio alert to you as well.

Some of the advance video monitors come in night vision mode, which is even better.

What Does It Do?

  • Streams HD footage of your baby’s activity, Live.
  • Sends videos to your mobile phone, wirelessly.
  • Provide audio alerts when equipped with a microphone.
  • Folding Stroller

When your little one is growing up, you will need some baby gear like crib, changing table, infant walker, carrier, car seat, stroller etc.

And strollers are must-to-have gadgets for parenting. But folding and unfolding strollers can be really cumbersome for a few parents.

If you are from those few, a folding stroller come right in the rescue. Instead of hectic hinges, these strollers just with a touch on a button.

As it requires electric power, it needs to be charged. And the good news is, some models have a built-in power generator through which they can charge themselves.

What Does It Do?

  • Saves you from the hassle of folding and unfolding strollers.
  • Makes strollers easy to carry around.
  • Comes with accessory features such as a thermometer, speedometer, etc.
  • White Noise Generator

You should already know what white noise is, and how it soothes not only babies but also people around every age range.

These great gadgets create neutral, natural noise that reminds the babies about their womb.

That brings on a soothing state of mind in babies and sleeps them off.

Even when the baby is not sleeping, low volume white noise will help in building the baby’s auditory strength and brain development.

What Does It Do?

  • Creating soothing, neutral white noises for baby.
  • Calms the babies dow, and brings on a cheerful state of mind.
  • Self-Warming Bottle

This is a very crucial tech gadget that many of the new parents are likely to forget about. When you’re not breastfeeding the baby regularly, the formula or cow milk is the second best option for you.

But as you’re not supposed to warm up the bottle that contains the milk every time, you better get a self-warming bottle.

In this way, you don’t need a microwave every time you get to feed the bottle milk to your baby.

What Does It Do?

  • Keep the bottle milk at a consumable healthy temperature.
  • Keeps the bottle milk germ-free.
  • Saves up your time as a parent that warming up the bottle would take.
  • No-touch Forehead Thermometer

You can guess the purpose of this gadget right from its name, we guess. These non-invasive baby thermometers will let you check the health of your sick and fussy baby.

A tradition thermometer will do the same job that a no-touch one would.

But think about the irritation your baby feels by the poking or prodding of those. Specially, when the baby is already in trouble with its sickness.

In such cases, a no-touch thermometer will be true blessings.

What Does It Do?

  • Measures the temperature of baby’s forehead from two inches away.
  • Lets you know about baby’s sickness level instantly without disturbing the baby at all.
  • Hands-Free Breast Pump

The blessing of parenting technology has reached its level best with this Hands-Free Breast pump devices.

With one of these pumps in hand, you can forget about those clunky machinery or even sneaking away to pump. With one of these breast pumps for new moms in hand, you can forget about those clunky machinery or even sneaking away to pump.

This pump will fit right into the mom’s bra and pump milk in any situation. Later on, you can make breastfeeding even easier and less troublesome.

What Does It Do?

  • Fits within mom’s bra, and pumps breast-milk.
  • Makes breastfeeding way easier.
  • Baby Shusher

Do you love to hear your baby crying? Nope, you don’t. In fact, no parent does.

But crying is quite invetible for babies. You can stop them anyway by sushing, but sometimes, shushing of all the world won’t help.

To give you a hand in such situations, shushing devices are in the rescue.

This machine will mimic the sound of the womb and remind the babies about that soothing environment.

Eventually, the crying baby will stop crying, and being a smile on their face. That will bring even a happier smile on your face as well, right?

What Does It Do?

  • Creates shushing sounds for babies.
  • Reminds the babies of the silent environment of the womb.
  • Smart Kid Scale

Over time, a conscious parent stays updated about the health condition of the babies. And one of the primary information you have to collect in this regard is- the baby’s weight.

Now, having an analog scale for weighing babies is not a cool idea for both you and your baby. The smart kid scale comes on the podium right then.

These will have a bay companion app installed right in themselves, and when you’ll weigh babies onto them, it will update you about baby’s growth standard.

It also compares the baby’s growth progress to the standard scales of both male and female babies.

In this way, you can keep yourself acknowledged up to a weight limit of 55 pounds.

What Does It Do?

  • Weighs baby’s weights in a smart, comfortable way.
  • Compares the baby’s healthy growth to the standard scale.

Bottom Line

You still reading, right? Well, thanks for making it to the very end. Actually, there are tons of other gadgets that we could have listed in here.

But for the starter pack, these 8 parenting-friendly gadgets will make the cut for sure.

Happy parenting!

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