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Where to Put a Car Seat

Where to place the car seat can be a stressing thought to deal with. It is, even more, stressing to fix the car seat correctly to ensure complete protection for your child. An estimate of more than 90% of parents installs and misuse car seats. Child safety in a car is crucial but knowing how to safely buckle them up as they can be challenging.

The safest place to install your kid’s car seat is at the center of the back seat. Studies show that newborns to three-year-olds sitting in the center rear seat are 43% safer than the sides of the same back seat. If anything, the back seat is a strategic and safe place for your baby to sit. However, reading the manufacturer’s manual can also direct where the car seat should be installed.

Position 1

As I have mentioned above, the safest place to put your child’s car seat is the rear as opposed to the front. However, some parents will want to drive as they monitor their baby and hence place the car seat at the front. In cases where a child needs constant monitoring due to health reason, you can ask another person to come along as continuous monitoring is enough distraction to cause a crash.

A rear-facing baby seat should never be put facing a functional passenger airbag. The airbag can hit the baby seat and push it forward with too much force when it goes off. If the car has no airbags or sensors can be automatically switch the airbags off when a baby seat is fixed, then you can carry your baby legally, but the rear remains the safest.

If one must fix a forwarding-facing baby seat on the front seat, then you must ensure that the car seat goes back as far as possible from the dash board. Also, ensure that the seat is tightly secured by the seat belt and the child by the seat’s harness system.

Position 2

It would be advisable to use any of the other rear seats. This is because, with this seat, you would have to take your baby in and out of the car on the road’s side that has vehicles. However, if you usually park your vehicle with your side on the pavement, then this side is much recommended. The only caution to take is to ensure that the seat is rightly fixed.

Position 3

If this position of the rear has a three-point that is a diagonal and lap seat belt, it is the safest place in the car to fit a baby seat. This is unless the manufacturer’s manual says that any of the other rear seats are better. This is because is furthest from the sides of the car.

Check to see if your baby’s seat allows for a lap-only belt; this is because most baby seats require a three-point. If this is the case with your baby seat, fix it on the seat with the three-point. It is highly recommended that you use the middle seats an I-size seat or Isofix.

Position 4

This seat is safer to use compared to the seat behind the driver. This is because this side allows you to get your baby in and out of the car on the pavement side. Ensure that the seat is safely fixed on this side.

Other things to watch out when handling car seats

  • Using the car seat as a replacement for a crib: sitting upright on a car seat can compress a newborn’s chest leading to low levels of oxygen.
  • Incorrect installing the car seat or buckling your child: ensure that the seat is tightly secured allowing not more than one inch sideways and back to front. Direction matters too and buckling should be at the right places.
  • Reclining your child at the wrong angle: ensure you follow the manual instructions on the right angles with the adjusters. A tightly rolled towel can also help achieve the right angle for your child.

In conclusion, car safety is no play and should, therefore, be carried with a lot of importance. As a parent, you should learn all you need to know in regards to car seats. That is where to install them, how to do it, what direction to face them and for how long and how to buckle up your child.


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