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Rainbow Riches: How Online Slot Creators Use Technology to Improve Slots?

Slot machines have gone a long way from the first-ever mechanic slot to contemporary online video slots played by millions. What the casino industry is known for is that it has always been at the forefront of technological advancement, seizing every opportunity to use technology for further improvement.

Slots were usually first in line when it came to testing new technologies. That’s how we turned mechanical slots into video slots, and video slots into online slots.

According to this article, features and bonuses are essential for good slot games, and these points of slot machines are usually mostly explored from the aspect of technological upgrades.

Let’s take Rainbow Riches as an example of a game that uses the latest technology.

What Is Rainbow Riches?

The Rainbow Riches slots game is an online video slot made by Barcrest. The game is inspired by the Irish concept of luck, meaning it features various characters and things from Irish mythology.

The game has five reels and 20 paylines. If you know how slots work, you probably understand that this is the standard setting for a video slot, as the majority of online titles have the five-by-three grid.

Technology Behind Rainbow Riches

What you might be wondering right now is this — How can we be sure that the slot is not rigged in the first place?

What makes many slot developers reliable is the fact that people trust their games. The way this trust is achieved is by using the so-called RNG. It’s an abbreviation for Random Number Generator and it’s just a line of code that makes sure there’s no cheating.

In other words, RNG adds “randomness” to slots. It’s actually what many casino lovers like to refer to as “the element of luck”. If there was no RNG in the game, it would be easy to manipulate and rig games.

Even if a slot developer decides to rig the slot, it’s easy to spot such games as there are many slot and casino reviews on the web. Therefore, it’s important that you always stick to the popular slot creators.

The next step in the process of slot development was making them available on multiple devices. By using HTML5 technology, many online slots, including Rainbow Riches, are now available on mobile devices as well.

It’s usually not a separate game that’s loaded on your mobile device but the same one you would load on your PC — just adapted for playing on the go. You can actually test this by playing a slot on your PC and then switching to its mobile version. You will notice how you’ll be able to resume gameplay.

Alternatives to Rainbow Riches

Rainbow Riches is a real-money slot, meaning you have to make an actual deposit and a bet before you spin the reels. However, with slots’ popularity being so high lately, many companies seized the opportunity to explore the technology behind them, which has resulted in free slots.

House of Fun free it’s are pretty much the same as ordinary slots, except that you don’t play with real money. Instead, developers made a system that grants players in-game money. Players can use that money to buy in-game prizes, unlock features, and more.

Slots of this type can be connected to Facebook, which adds a new layer of gameplay to them, as you’ll be able to spin the reels and share your results with your friends. It’s not uncommon for free casino games to be available via Facebook since this platform has a very active gaming community that includes these types of titles.

Slots Will Continue to Upgrade

Mobile slots are not the latest innovation in the casino industry. In fact, developers are already researching virtual reality slots, augmented reality casinos, and more.

In a couple of years, we will be able to enter a land-based casino, walk around, and play our favorite games without actually leaving our homes. However, there’s still a lot of work to be done and we’ll have to wait a bit longer to enjoy casinos like this in the future.

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