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CES 2019 Tech Highlights

The place where companies come to show off their new technology gear, CES is a showcase of the most up to date and innovative consumer technologies. Innovators from some of the biggest tech companies in the world come to CES in order to prove themselves against their rivals.

Computing took center stage at CES 2019. The founding of silicon has ensured that computing just gets better and better and CES 2019 was a huge show for new silicon. Video gamers and keen esports enthusiasts in particular should be excited about the upcoming year as the esports industry has direct access to all the latest and most innovative gadgets that are coming on the market. The fact that new silicon was the big thing at this year’s CES means that the world of gaming is set to evolve massively this year and over the following years.

The Best Gaming Laptop

CES showcased a variety of different laptops, from the sharp and sleek Acer Swift 7 to the incredible value for money Samsung Notebook Flash. However, it was the gaming laptops that really stole the show and although the Alienware Area-51m laptop was top notch, my personal favorite was the Asus Mothership GZ700.

The Asus Mothership is an innovative gaming laptop that has gone the opposite way of most laptops – the components are placed behind the screen rather than underneath the keyboard. The design has meant that Asus has been able to pack the laptop with some truly impressive tech which includes a Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 graphics card and an overclocked Intel Core i9-8950HK processor. It also has gigabit networking and that’s not all. The keyboard can be completely detached which will turn the laptop into a giant surface laptop for gaming – which is incredible.

Headphones That May Improve Gaming Ability

The Halo Sport 2 are headphones which deliver an electrical current to the motor center of your brain in order to help you learn how to… juggle. Although this may not seem particularly useful from the outside, it is an incredible feat of modern technology. The Halo Sport 2 is able to create a state of ‘hyper learning’ by neuropriming the tissue in your brain artificially before an activity thus improving one’s capability to learn and remember new movements – movements such as juggling.

Gamers and anyone involved within video gaming should be excited by this new tech. The motor center of the brain is used for a variety of games. Popular esports titles such as Dota 2 and CSGO are reliant on a players’ strong motor skills so a device that is able to massage and unlock the full extent of the motor center could revolutionize video gaming.

PC Components

  • AMD Radeon VII Graphics Card

Gamers will be thrilled with the PC components that were showcased at CES 2019. AMD announced a new graphic card which has some truly immense specs. The AMD Radeon VII features 16GB of HBM2 video memory, a 300W TDP and 3,840 stream processors. If you want the perfect 4k streaming experience, then this graphics card can give you this with ease. AMD also state that the Radeon VII will be able to run experiences at 6K and 8K.

  • Cooler Master Q500P Computer Case

The Q500P is Cooler Master’s latest model and is arguably the greatest all round computer case out there. The case is capable of supporting a standard ATX motherboard – the Q500P maintains the external dimensions of the Q series. The movable I/O panel and support for vertical or horizontal orientations, as seen across the entire Q series, are also featured on the latest model in the series. If you are on the lookout for a computer case, this the Q500P is set to be one of the best on the market.

  • Aorus AD27QD Tactical Display Monitor

Gaming hardware makers by nature, Aorus have dived into gaming monitors and introduced the AD27QD Tactical Display. The unique feature about this gaming monitor is that it comes with its own built in microphones. These microphones, however, are actually designed to add noise cancelling for your gaming headset. The monitor will mute out the background sounds in your gaming area so your teammates will not have to hear the button smashing on your keyboard or the noise of your screaming sister. Aorus also have a Tactical Advantage Monitor overlay which is perfect for CSGO players as it is able to activate frame-rate monitoring as well as add a center reticle to your screen.

The Best TV For All Your Gaming Needs

As usual, CES 2019 was a showcase for a variety of super modern televisions. All the big names brands including Sony, Samsung and Panasonics were attending in order to showcase their products. However, it was LGs device that really caught the attention of the audience.

The LG Signature Oled TV R is unique due to the fact that it is able to roll away into a small box when you are not using it. Unlike a lot of products at CES that are often still some time away from release to the general public, the Oled TV R will actually be released this year. The 65-inch TV can compact itself down into a box the size of a TV cabinet – automatically, of course.

This TV is perfect for all gaming and esports fanatics out there. Imagine watching your favourite esports tournaments on the LG Oled TV R whilst sitting in your gaming room and then simply being able to press a button and have your TV fold away afterwards. This is truly the definition of futuristic.

5G-enabled gadgets and AI

One of the main talking points coming out of CES 2019 was how soon AI will change the entire landscape of the technological world. Brands shouting about providing their customers with 5G networks has been a thing for a few years now. With substantially faster speeds, 5G will change the landscape of the internet and human life in general as this next generation technology will help to interconnect everything from smart homes to computer gaming and cars. So far, all we have heard from companies is hype surrounding 5G networks but this has now changed.

“5G will change everything,” stated Hans Vestberg, CEO, Verizon during his keynote speech at CES.

“CES 2019 proves that AI (Artificial Intelligence) and 5G will transform the future,” stated the CES press release following the event. All the tech companies present at CES 2019 expect that the future of technology lies in 5G and AI.

It is said that AI and consumer technologies will create greater independence for us all. Smart thinking AI will help people with learning disabilities as well as the aging population. Intel and Alibaba have partnered together on AI as have Nvidia and Mercedes. 2019 will see AI brought into real people’s lives – it won’t simply be a luxury for the super wealthy and it is the next leap forward in the world of technology.

One of the world busiest airports – Heathrow – has already introduced AI in order to prevent plane delays in bad weather. The British airport is trialing the latest high-tech AI, if successful, this AI could be used by airports around the world.

From a gaming point of view, it is clear that the introduction of 5G and the advancements in AI will ensure that video gaming becomes more realistic and fun each passing year.

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