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A Beginner’s Guide to decipher Google Analytics

Do you use Google Analytics to analyze the data about your site? Digital marketing services by Edkent Media use this tool to find out how your audience is interacting with your site. Google analytics can also indicate how your site is performing over time. If you want to see the success of your site, you have to use Google analytics.

Even though the tool plays a very important role in the success of your sites, more often than not, people get overwhelmed by the sheer number of tables and charts and the numbers that the tool offers to the SEO expert. To help the beginners use this tool, we have explained the basic features of Google analytics in the following section of this article.

Explaining Google Analytics Interface

Google Analytics is one of the most popular tools that Google has provided for digital marketers. The tools record the data of the website and present it using in-depth charts, tables and graphs.

The Reports Menu

In the left-hand side of the homepage of Google analytics, you can see the reports menu. This menu helps you to get access to the deeper reporting for specific areas of your page. Here are the areas that you can access using the reports menu section.

  • Real-Time: It shows how the visitors of your website are interacting with your website in real-time. This section helps you to find out where they come from, the type of content they are viewing, etc.
  • Audience: Helps to gather more information about your audience. With the help of this section, you will be able to know about the demographics of your visitors, and how each of them is behaving while they are on your site.
  • Acquisition: It helps you to find out where your traffic is coming from, and how each of the traffic sources is behaving on your website.
  • Behavior: It helps you to learn how people are behaving and moving around your website. It gives you access to varied data, like the bounce rates, time spent on the site, page views etc. and more.
  • Conversions: It tracks the actions that your visitors are taking while they are on your site. It also checks whether your site is helping them to take the actions.

Other Aspects of Google Analytics Interface

The other essential functions of Google analytics interface are as follows.

Search: You can use this function to find the reports and necessary documentation quickly.

Customization: The marketing experts of digital marketing services by Edkent Media use this section to create our own report dashboards, generate custom reports and much more.

Admin: This feature helps you to access your Google Analytics account, tweak the settings and many other necessary steps.

How The Reports Help You Understand The Performance of Your Site?

Traffic Reports

The traffic reports give you an immediate idea about the origination point of your traffic. This information can be helpful for you to decide your marketing strategies.

Audience Reports

Google Analytics generates three different audience reports. By checking all three of them, you would have a fair idea of whether your content strategy is working or not. Knowing where your audience is spending the maximum time helps you personalize and localize your blog articles. The data related to the time when your website gets the maximum number of visitors will help you to plan when you should post new content on your site.

Behavior Report

The behavior report of Google Analytics shows you the top-performing pages and offers you a quick insight into the type of content that is working and the ones that are not.

Who Is Your Audience?

Having insight into your audience and where they are coming from will help you to create appropriate plans to fulfill their needs. To check what Google analytics is offering to you, you should go to the Audience -Overview section from the main menu.

Returning Vs. New Visitors

To become successful, you have to understand the mix of the returning and the new visitors coming to your site. You can consider returning visitors as your loyal customers. Use them to promote your content, products, and services. While keeping in touch with the returning visitor is important, engaging with the new customers is essential if you want your business to grow.

If the number of new visitors to your site is low, then you should try to improve your SEO ranking to get better SERP results. Use social media to promote your content and use that to reach a wider audience. Also, consider advertising to get the name of your business out there.

The low number of returning visitors indicates that your audience does not like your website. This could be due to poor design of your site, difficult usability, low-quality content, or something entirely different.

As you can see, Google Analytics is an extremely important tool used by digital marketing services by Edkent Media. This tool helps you to track the performance of your website and change your plans accordingly. You should get familiar with the interface of Google Analytics to reap the most benefits.

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