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How to Optimize Sales Funnel with Clickfunnels?

In our endless quest for more clicks and conversions, we generally forget the importance of understanding the people right behind the numbers. If you really want to get inside the heads of your customers, try employing some of our strategies so as to optimize your sales funnel with the click funnel. There are two service providers for this, namely, Clickfunnels and Leadpages. You can choose the one appropriate for you by reading in detail on BestLandingPages.Software’s comparison of Clickfunnels and Leadpage. In this article, we will be covering Clickfunnels.

Selling a product via your very own sales funnel requires you to understand the need of your audience.

Use Your Own Domain Name In Your Funnel

Well, the reasons are pretty much obvious here. As we all are aware that there is no such benefit if you are going to use “CLICKFUNNELS” as your domain (for instance: Whereas, having your own domain name can make it easier for your customers to find you on the web.

Some Benefits of Having Your Own Domain

  • Ease: Always remember that a custom domain like “” is somewhat easier to remember than a designated domain like “”.
  • Applicability: The sooner you stake your claim on the domain the more likely you can add a new platform to your business and increase sales.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Owning a domain will increase the ranking of your website under the search results on engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
  • Durability: Always keep your domain name for as long as your business is available online. Remember, no one else except you can use your domain as long as you pay the host that sets the web pages up!
  • Credibility: Potential customers will visit you more often if you have a well-established online presence.

The Thickness of Your Head and the Length of Your Tail

Let us explain this with the help of an example. If you are selling a guest posting service, the keywords would be like: “GUEST POSTING – Benefits of Guest Posting” and more. Here the tail, “Benefits of Guest Posting” does not generate traffic when we compare it with the head, “GUEST POSTING.” This strategy also allows SEO experts to isolate the keywords into head, body, and tail so as to increase the stats and fetch potential users on the website.


Keep An Eye On The Top Of Funnel Keywords

Always remember that the top funnel keywords are important for the growth of your sales funnel. Also, if your expectations and goals are perfectly strategized, the top of funnel keywords can help bring you some new potential customers. For instance, if a user is looking for a new Christmas tree for their home, the top funnel keywords can be the following:

  • Christmas tree for home
  • Artificial Christmas tree
  • Christmas tree sale
  • Christmas tree


Try Building Your Own Funnel Keywords

A deep keywords research can provide you with great insights into the requirements of your customers regularly. Therefore, categorizing the keywords you have found is a very important task and helps put all the potential campaigns together. This means that ever since Google has become more perilous of the importance of keywords, categorizing your keywords has also become more important so as to understand the need, problems, and expectations of your customers.

Know The Exact Activity Your Funnel Can Relate To

This is a very common field of the activity and will often not be a focus of our marketing efforts, as the customer may not be facing any problems yet. However, you need to display advertising that targets the field-focused websites for branding purposes during this stage.

Try to Build Content Maps for your Website

A content map is a plan or a blueprint designed so as to provide the users with the right and up-to-date content. It is quite important to build your content map so as to help your sales funnel and so that your customers can relate to it. You should understand how a customer makes a decision or how they tend to buy a product from various websites. Keep their needs in mind and then write your content that would capture the attention of your audience.

Below are the steps to map your content:

  • Make a list based on the themes, topics, and industries that are relevant to your company
  • Now, conduct a competitive analysis and try to understand how to hoard against the competition in your topics
  • Try to define personas in your content
  • Audit the content and tag it by the topic, personas, sales cycle, and content type
  • Keep optimizing your existing web pages
  • Try creating a plan to fill the content gaps on your website
  • Lastly, Implement and execute your plan

So, did you learn a lot from the above-mentioned strategies? It’s easy, isn’t it?

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