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4 Tips to Picking the Right Tire Brand for Your Vehicle

The tire is what keeps your car rolling on the road. And since it’s the tire that meets the road, it gets all the punishment, which causes it to wear out with time. You should actually make a habit of replacing the tires after they have been used for about 3 years. This is because worn out tires don’t rise to the occasion at your greatest hour of need. They cause the car to glide when you apply the brakes and sometimes cause you to veer off the road during wet weather. Buying tires is quite a huge challenge for beginners probably because they don’t know what to look for. Below are some tips that can help you buy the right tire for your automobile.

1. Check the Recommended Size

Buying the wrong size of tire can bring trouble to your vehicle. If the tire is too big, your vehicle will not be able to move fast. On the other hand, if the tire is too small, and your vehicle is used for carrying bulky loads, you will continue experiencing flats because the tire can’t bear with such weight. All vehicles have a placard that indicates the ideal size of tire.

The placard is normally placed somewhere near the mud guard while in some cars it can be found on one side of the door. The readings on the placards look like this P215/60R16 94T. The first characters, P215/60R16 indicate the different dimensions of the same tire while the last characters 94T describe the weight that the tire can cope with.

2. Focus on Reputable Brands

When shopping for tires it’s recommended you narrow down your search to reputable brands. Although there are many tire brands, some of them may not be in a position to give you the service that you deserve. Even though established brands cost more than brands that are not popular, they are still worth the premium price because they guarantee the best performance.

They also last long because the manufacturers use high quality materials. There are some brands that come with a guarantee which means you can return the tires if they wear out before the specified time. Brands that are yet to be recognized don’t come with guarantee because they are imported by traders that are only interested in making a kill.

3. Choose the Right Type

There are different types of tires. Your choice of tires should be guided by the terrain and weather of where you live. All weather tires can withstand tough terrain and harsh weather conditions such as extreme temperatures and snow. And perhaps that’s why they are suitable for SUVs. Winter tires are ideal for cars that are driven on snow. These tires feature many slits that give them a firm grip on the road. Summer tires are recommended for sports cars because they can withstand high temperatures. The downside is that they can’t roll on snow or mud.

4. Go with Your Vehicle to the Dealer’s Shop

Fixing the tire on the rim can cause you to break your back because you don’t have the right tools. You should therefore spare yourself from the trouble of fixing it by yourself by driving your car to the nearest tire dealer so they can fix it for you. The advantage here is that they might align the rims without asking for extra bucks.

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