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5 Tips for Starting a Club or Organization

Starting a club or other small organization within a community of people can be a bit of a challenge, and one of the first challenges you’ll need to take on is getting your group’s name out there. Here are five steps you can take to gain notoriety for your group that will get people talking about you in no time.


Some of the best web to print solution services are dedicated to creating quality products for all of their customers. Online printing services can print logos and other images on a variety of different objects, but one of the most useful for small groups is t-shirts. Having a uniform that all your members can wear at any time is sure to get outsiders asking questions about the group. They’re affordable too. If every member chips in a few dollars, usually less than twenty, any group can afford t-shirts.

Social Media

Many social media sites provide the option to sign up as an organization when creating a profile with them. Depending on which platform you’re using, signing up as an organization can offer you several benefits, one of which is is the ability to see statistics about how your page is doing. Some platforms allow you to see how many people your post or your page has reached and how engaged they were in what they saw. This is based on the metrics the platform uses to measure those variables. Depending on how well you understand the platforms you’re on, social media can greatly expand your organization.


While social media is one way to advertise events that your group is holding, another way is through flyers. There are many websites and programs that allow users to create vivid and informative flyers for free. Flyers generally reach a much different demographic than social media posts. Casual social media users who aren’t on social media every day have a lower chance of seeing an online post, but flyers are posted in real life, so as long as you post them in a heavily trafficked area where people are aware of their surroundings, you should see some results.


It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. That statement is absolutely true in most instances. Find local people or other groups who have a reason to want to be affiliated with your group. For example, if you are starting an improv troupe, reach out to drama clubs at local colleges to see if anyone is interested in joining you, collaborating with you, or would be willing to promote you to their members. Don’t be afraid to reach out to people because forging connections can sometimes be the difference between success and failure.


Unfortunately, human nature makes us prone to drama and nowhere is this more apparent than when deciding positions of power. One person needs to be established as the group leader or president. This person should be able to confidently make decisions and have a vision for what the group’s goals should be. However, don’t let a single person take over the group on his or her own. The leader should be decided democratically through voting. Once a leader is established, other leadership positions, such as a vice president or secretary, can be established, but the hierarchy of power should always remain unwavering.

Now that you have these tips in mind, start making a game plan. Organizations are more likely to succeed if their goals are clearly laid out and they have planned methods for how to achieve them. With hard work and dedication, your group can become as successful as you want it to be.

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