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Five incredible games that are worth paying for

The times, when we used to buy or rent games once and enjoyed playing them, have changed. We had a guarantee, and the games were not much expensive. Now the game industry has evolved. Developers have made games that are so much better and engaging. Games with amazing graphics, better than ever, can be installed with the tap of your finger. Pocket games are here for people who do not want to use the large screen PC’s and can easily play them on their tablets or smartphones. Now there are hardly any games that do not have in-app purchases, and half of them even stop at some levels and demand to be unblocked with money. For online fun games that are free, visit

People do not have to be good at any game to win it, all they need is money, and they can buy powers and beat the levels. No wonder it is riskier to trust a game. What if we bought it, but it turned out to be just another worthless waste of time? But it is also a fact that more variety and quality is found in games that you have to buy. The reason is simple; their creators are truly interested in creating games that entertain instead of just making something to be a means of luring people into spending money.

When it comes to games that we have to pay for, we become hesitant and swipe away because let’s be honest; no one wants their money to go down the drain. Even the free games that we play, after a time we are left hanging and betrayed when we are required to pay to play further. We are disappointed and tap the uninstall button without wasting our breath, and we are right in doing that. If we started paying for every game that we came across or that we liked, we would soon go bankrupt. So how do we know which games are good enough and which ones to let go?

Here are five incredible games that are entertaining, and hopefully, will be worth your money and time.

1. Minecraft: Story Mode

This game is divided in seasons which are further divided in episodes. Each episode costs about $5 and each season can be gotten in $25. Minecraft: Story Mode is a point-and-click narrative-driven graphic adventure video game that is based on the Sandbox video game Minecraft but the game is story-based. The game has episodic element where the players’ choices and their decisions have effect on the story element. As a female character, or male character, called Jesse, you have to solve multiple puzzles, fight zombies and talk to other characters and move the story forward. Every action of yours has a different impact and it will shape the rest of the entire narrative.

2. Severed

Severed gives all sorts of Samurai-Jack feelings because of its action and first-person adventure. This game is award-winning, and, with a good reason. The story of the game takes place in a world with vibrant colors where a warrior Sasha wakes up in a building that is burning. There are many mysteries, the greatest of which is her severed arm. The action is brilliantly designed and you have to attack and protect against challenging enemies who often outnumber you. You can earn upgrades and abilities and that will give a boost to Sasha’s fighting abilities. Severed costs $9.99 but it is a rewarding game nevertheless that you can play on your mobile easily while at home or during a lunch break.

3. The Walking Dead: A New Frontier (Season 3)

If you have read Kirkman’s graphic novels or watched the shows based on them, you will have an idea of what this game is about. This game’s narrative follows a different set of survivors but anyone can die. Players are seldom in charge of how the events will happen and have to apply a strategy to move forward. This game has episodes so you will never know who is going to die next. The third season of the game begins with the long-surviving character Clementine, who is helping a new family to survive. This game is available for $6.99.

4. SteamWorld Heist

This turn-based strategy game has its own subgenre and is a natural fit for touchscreen interface. The universe is science fiction and is not exactly original but it has action of its own. Here, spacefaring robots resembling pirates compete with each other for water. Side-scrolling levels are beautifully drawn and firefights take place in here. Players can spend as much time as needed to look for points for cover or line of attack and can move each character separately. You cannot leave your attack on chance and pray that it hits the target, but you will need to line them up carefully. This game is worth the $13.99, which is still less than the price you would have to pay for on other platforms.

5. Primordia

The story of this game is thoughtful about origins and place and meaning. Primordia is set in a dark, hand-drawn, dystopian world in which all the humans have disappeared and there are only robots. We have two characters named Horatio and Crispin whose life is changed when an evil bot steals their power core calling for desperate times. There is a variety of logical puzzles. You have to carefully find objects that you can use in order to progress. These puzzles can be challenging at times and if you need a push, there are online walkthroughs for that. But all this effort and frustration is worth the end. This game costs $6.99.

Some of the games mentioned above are available both on iOS and Android while some are on iOS only. The cost of these games is still less than many other games and even the same versions that are on the different platforms. However, these games are entertaining, and almost all of these are story-based games which automatically makes them so much more fascinating and worth your money.

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Catalina Smith is a young digital marketer by profession and is utterly obsessed with the growing technology. She has covered the gaming world online for over six years. She regularly posts at Dimble Games.

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