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5 General Tips to Online Card Gamers

Online card games like 13 card rummy, poker, blackjack are having a field day among the Indian gaming audiences. Games like online poker, online rummy, Teenpatti, and Blackjack have captured the imagination of the Indian gamers and have kept them hooked. Indians’ penchant for card games dates back to ages. Even in the popular Indian mythologies and folklore, card and dice games have played a major role.

It’s not uncommon to see card game parties hosted during family gatherings and get-togethers. Also, there’s a custom of family members playing card games like rummy during auspicious occasions like Diwali and other prominent Indian festivals. Legend has it that any wealth acquired during such festivals is considered as a precursor to the large swaths of wealth, the person is destined to acquire.

The belief is carried over in the online gaming sphere as well. We see legions of online card gaming sites offering a broad range of promotions and offers during Indian festivals. There are players who have made immense fortunes playing online card games. At the same time, there are players who have suffered some losses as well. So, one cannot discount that there is an element of danger associated with it. This could range from selecting the right site for playing to issues like gaming addiction. With the ubiquity of smartphones, you can now carry the game anywhere with you as there are numerous mobile rummy apps and mobile poker apps.

In this article, we have come up with a series of tips that would be helpful to online card gamers;

1. Select the best site

The first step to have a satisfactory and beneficial gaming experience would be to identify the right site to play. For example, let us take the case of Indian rummy. There are a multitude of sites offering rummy card games. So, users are in a real conundrum while identifying the best rummy site. We would suggest users follow the below measures before signing up in a site:

a) Check if the site is certified for RNG and Fairplay

b) Play on a licensed site only. Check the reviews about the site to confirm this.

c) Ensure the website has an SSL encryption to secure your financial transactions.

d) Sign up on a site that has a large user-base

2. Familiarize yourself with the rules

A Player who wants to leave a mark in the Indian card gaming community must first familiarize himself with the rules of the game he’s chosen to play. Be it rummy, poker or any other card game, a thorough knowledge about the basics is mandatory before dashing into the game. Only when you are strong in the basics of the game, you can tackle the complex situation that may emerge later. Most online card gaming sites offer plenty of scopes to learn and try out before you move to real money games.

3. Play Prudently

As a beginner, it is important to follow the hierarchy. Avoid dashing into cash games directly. The thumb rule is to start off with the practice games as it would be the perfect ground to test your skills. Move to free rummy online tournaments then as it gives you the chance to face off against players at all experience level. Finally, after you feel confident about your gaming skills, move to play real money games. Use the strategies you’ve acquired to your advantage in the real money tables.

4. Set a realistic goal

Once you start winning, it’s high time you set realistic goals that you would want to achieve after some time. This may include a sum to earn on a month number of wins etc. This will give more spunk to your gameplay. A good number of successful players often follow this strategy and toil heavily to meet their goals.

5. Limit the Distractions

Playing card games are a serious business and you need to take it as one if you have the ambition to make it big. A player’s patience, concentration, observation, mathematical skills, and analytical skill help him a long way in meeting this objective. Playing in a noisy environment could cause distractions which may cost you the winning chances. It’s important you play the game in a calm, serene atmosphere so that you are able to give your complete attention.


The earning opportunities are aplenty to every player in the card gaming industry. An essential trait of every player must be to strike the right balance between his gaming habit and his personal lifestyle. At no point his gaming activity should interfere with his personal life.

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