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Web Design Power Tips For Building A Great Digital Marketing SEO Agency Website

Just because you are in the business of digital marketing and search engine optimization doesn’t mean that you can free yourself of the obligations of having a well-designed website. In today’s world of digital marketing, one of the most competitive means is through a website. Hence you cannot discount the importance of the same. If you are still in the process of building or rebuilding your website, here are some power tips to help make your site as effective as it should be:

1. Put a value on simplicity

There is beauty in simplicity, and with website design, this is something you shouldn’t take for granted as you are, in fact, in the business of digital marketing or an SEO agency, such as Doxa Digital. With this, you should lean towards more minimalistic designs as opposed to having bright and colorful designs, like an online store selling kids’ merchandise. As an SEO agency, there isn’t much room for you to overdo it with the images, colors, and theme designs, as you have to be straightforward in your approach.

As much as possible, refrain from putting too much of the following:

  • Flashy animations
  • Irrelevant images and backgrounds
  • Stock images

2. Use media sparingly

In relation to the above-mentioned point, this also isn’t to say that you should forego having images altogether. Media is still an excellent way for you to attract clients as, often, web users do get bored with a website that is filled entirely with text. As you incorporate media in your web design, however, do use it sparingly. For example, an excellent keynote for you to have in mind is to try and limit your images or video content to at least just one for every material.

Remember the following points about using images, too:

  • Avoid images that are merely Internet stock
  • If you can, add people photos, as this makes you more human and relatable to your clients

3. Allow ease of navigation on your website

As a digital marketing agency, you should know by now how important it is to cater to the needs of your clients. When you put out a website for the whole world to see, you cannot be a hundred percent sure if all the visitors on your site are tech-savvy. There may be some who need help with technology; hence, they have stumbled upon your website to get help for an aspect of SEO they know nothing about.

With this, it is essential for you, therefore, to allow ease of navigation on your website. Make it easy for your users to find what they are looking for, and give them a pleasant experience while browsing on your website.

4. Do incorporate white space on your web design

No matter what the theme or color of your web design is, one aspect that you shouldn’t take for granted is the incorporation of white space on your web design. This white space refers to the areas on a page that are bare, empty, or lack any media or content items. White space comes in handy to relax the viewer’s eyes. Hence, it has the effect of increasing focus.

As you are offering SEO services, visitors on your website will most likely be spending a lot of time reading about whatever is written on your content. Hence, you should use this white space for your blog or content, or headline backgrounds, and even for your contact details.

5. Use simple but easy to understand fonts

As an SEO marketing agency, your approach towards your website should be easy and fuss-free. Hence, now is not the time for you to get creative with using cursive fonts or any other font that may be hard to read. For your headline, subheadings, tabs, content, and other information, do stick with more basic fonts that are easier to read and understand. When you do this, you are also increasing the professional look of your site, which makes you more attractive to business individuals who are browsing your site.

When choosing a font, test it out yourself as well. If a specific font gives you a headache when reading long texts, then move on and switch to a better and simpler font style.

6. Choose the color palette properly

Apart from choosing the theme of your website, you should also choose the color palette accordingly. Your color palette should be consistent with the overall theme of your brand. Consistency is key, such that it is easier for your site visitors to remember your business, and your site. One of the easiest cheat tricks for you to remember is to make your design theme match the logo of your SEO agency’s website. If your logo has hues around the orange family, you might want to select a color scheme that complements the same. To give yourself a better idea of what goes well and what doesn’t, you can go back to the basic color wheel.

8. Create catchy headlines on your home page

Your home page is the very first thing a user sees on your website when they load and open your page. When looking for specific content, before they even allow themselves the time to read through all of the content, they will most likely skim through the home page first. With this, it is crucial for your headlines to be very catchy. Keep your headlines or titles brief and concise, but complete with whatever the content is all about.

Even more importantly, as an SEO agency website, you have to practice what you preach as well, through the quality of your headlines. You have to give your potential clients the first impression that you really know what it is that you are doing. In this manner, you should remember, too, to incorporate keywords on the headlines of your digital marketing website. Having keywords positioned on headlines will make it easier for the crawlers of search engines to skim through your content, such that you will land the top search results of these engines.

As to the font and positioning of your headlines, do remember the following:

  • Your headlines should have a font style different from that of your text
  • Your headlines should have a font size that is slightly bigger from the rest of your text


These tips are vital for you to remember, being that one of the very first impressions a potential client can make about you is through your website. Before they even get to walk in your office, or before you even meet in person, chances are, they have already come across your website. First impressions are lasting, and you will want to create the best possible one in the minds of these potential clients. These tips will surely transform your digital marketing agency website to be the best one around.

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