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Go Pika-Pika with these 5 healthy benefits of Playing Pokemon Go

Wooh! The game that has made the world go crazy to experience the outing in a unique way has now come out with its healthy benefits. There are many advantages, but as it is trending day by day, people are availing it differently.

Make it go as the part of your daily routine, you can shed your kilos and enhance your mind skills. In different parts of world, various educational organizations like California State University have taken it as an initiative to promote health and wellness for students and colleagues. Well, this is one fruitful result; you will come to know about others in this article. Let’s have a look-

5 Ways Pokemon Go is Fruitfully Affecting You

  • Walk and Walk!

In a busy schedule, it is quite impossible that you will get the time for walking or any other workouts. And, in simple terms, you know it better that walking is good for health. If you have ever played or observed nearby players, it is amazing just how much they are getting out of home, no matter, for finding a ball, but they are walking in a healthy scenario.

  • Fresh Air and Vitamin D

You are well familiar with the role of fresh air and of course, the benefits of sunlight for our body. When players go outside the home for finding the ball, the fresh air makes them feel fresh and active whereas sun is the biggest natural source of vitamin D. Wow! You have something healthy to play now.

  • Knowledgeable and Educational

The game is not about the time pass, it has educational benefits too. Got it? Understand it here- While collecting a Pokemon, a player uses pokeballs, and then he or she visit Pokestops. These stops seem to be at the places you might have never seen. So, your knowledge for site map increases.

  • Go Social and interactive

It happens for many times, you don’t have much time to interact with someone. Whether you play this game on weekend or during free hours, you can get in touch with many people and will come to know about the people living in your neighbourhood. Moreover, you will meet the people who are also in search of Pikachu.

  • Mini Mental Breaks

Yes! It is true that taking brief breaks throughout workday are effective. And playing this game will help you enhance concentration, boost boredom, increase productivity, and provide you relaxation during your short breaks. You can play it during free time. It is simple! By collecting some goodies in 15-20 minutes, you feel fresh and stress-free.

Live the life you want, love the way you live. It is a simple formula for your life; you can follow and make the best of your healthy routine. It is a new way to get smart these days. The technology in the world of games has become so advanced that you don’t need to worry for gym timings.

No need to worry, just go pika pika with your Android and Smartphone today!


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Nellie is a health specialist and writes for who prefers to spread education through the power of writing. She believes in exploring with what is going in present when it comes to a healthy lifestyle.

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