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The Competitive Technology Markets Which Benefit Savvy Customers

When thinking of various technology markets, the chances are that your mind will wander to one of the big-name brands like Amazon, Google – or rather its parent company, Alphabet – and Facebook. With such dominant brands on the market which, in turn, own their fair share of other big-name brands, it can be easy to assume that there is very little competition across many technology markets.

As you can see here, Facebook captures 20.9 percent of total US digital ad revenue with the help of WhatsApp and Messenger. The social media titan only falls short of Alphabet at 42.2 percent. But there are some markets in the technology industry which show that competition is rife, which has led to many savvy customers taking advantage of the leading brands’ strife to get ahead.

Mobile phones

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The worldwide mobile phone operating system market is dominated by two names: iOS and Android. Despite the heavy advertising campaigns and cult following that Apple’s iOS devices boast, they are dwarfed by Google’s Android devices in market share. The statistics found here reveal that Android continues to dominate iOS, with the most recent share being split at 76.23 percent to 22.17 percent in favor of Google’s OS.

It all points to the mobile phone market being an incredibly one-sided affair, but deeper numbers and peoples’ perceptions say otherwise. Results from a paper by economists at the University of Chicago show here that no individual brand is as associated with a high-income as Apple, with the Apple iPhone being a particular indicator.

By the overall numbers, Android dominates Apple by a huge margin. However, Apple is associated with the high-income market. This can benefit customers who wish to market themselves as being successful and wealthy – especially as comparatively few people use iOS devices, adding an extra element of exclusivity to a device’s ownership.


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From the outside looking in, you would be forgiven for thinking that the iGaming industry consisted of a handful of online bookmakers and online casinos due to there being a set class of brands who advertise their service quite a lot across the internet. However, one of the reasons they advertise so much is because of the intense competition in the industry, with other brands trying to break through making themselves more appealing through other means, such as welcome offers.

The welcome offer takes many different forms. Those who click here to see new websites will notice that these offers – be they in the form of bonus cash, free spins, no wager extra spins, or a mixture – are all born through the intense competition of the industry and the newcomers trying to appeal to players amidst the ocean of brands.

Due to the need to be as appealing as possible and each brand vying to out-do the other, welcome offers continue to improve for potential players and those in the know have been able to take advantage of this for years – there aren’t any restrictions on how many websites one player can join.


All goes to show that there’s a great deal of competition lying underneath the surface of these two massive tech markets, and if played right, savvy customers can benefit greatly either from the public assumption of a brand or from the desire of new brands to break into the market.

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