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High-Tech Culture: Is vaporizer really replacing pot

E-cigarettes that “burn” pot are nothing like actual weed. And yet, vaping weed is revolutionizing the industry. Technology is at the core of every business today, including the e-cig industry. A brand new trend is on the rise, and it’s all about vaping pot the high-tech kind of way. Traditional smoking is slowly but stead being replaced by vaping. Some people have been trying to quit traditional cigarettes for decades, and have only managed to do so with e-cigs. Vaping weed comes with a whole different set of benefits.

Vaping, a better alternative to smoking?

In one word: yes. Regardless of your personal opinion about vaping, lots of studies have hard proof that e-cig smoking is healthier. But that’s not all. In some states across the US, the law doesn’t allow people to smoke weed for medical purposes. They can either take pills to relieve their symptoms or eat it. None of these options are appealing. Vaping pot on the other hand, is a whole different thing. Sure, for some it might be difficult to make the switch and go from rolling papers the old-fashioned way to charging the batteries on your vaporizer.

Vaporizers – the variety is endless. How do I choose the best one?

The e-cigarette industry is a multi-billion dollar business. There are hundreds of different e-cigs populating the market these days, starting from the bulkiest and most unappealing, all the way to the simplest that look just like normal cigarettes. Some devices actually look pretty appealing to the eye. Apart from being smaller, they feature cordless vaporizers and have rechargeable batteries.

What can vaping pens do that cigarettes can’t? First of all, vaporizers encourage people to adopt a more tech-like and gear-focused approach when smoking. Most pens demand very similar preparation routines: the weed is prepared in advance. It must be properly “grinded” to make sure it cooks properly. Then, you have to introduce a preferred amount into the vaping pen’s heating chamber. Turn the device on, and wait for about a 30 seconds to warm up. Then you can start inhaling.

Vaping pot – which vaping pen is the best?

There’s really no way of telling which vaping pen is the best out there. People have personal preferences, which means that the device you like the most may not be preferred by somebody else. Nonetheless, in terms of actual brands, we should mention Vapir NO2. It comes in a simple, matter black color and it packs an LCD readout. You have certain buttons you can use to adjust the temperature, and the average price is somewhere at $150.

As for the Arizer Solo, we should mention that it works just like the Vapir NO2. The only difference is that the design is sleeker and the price is somewhere at $220. However, these two devices are not exactly the best. One of the newest on the market is PloomPax. It is extremely light and compact, and the one-touch controls make it the coolest. The design of this vaping pen is incredible. It is very easy to use – once the signal light goes green, feel free to vape away.

Letting the world see what vaping is all about

Vaping – whether it’s weed or tobacco – is all about changing your mindset. Vaping pens are techie, although most of them are easy to use once you’ve gotten yourself accustomed to the process. The sleek digital allure of a vaporizer draws a lot of attention, and many want to know more about the technology underneath. Once bulky and heavy, today’s vaping pens are light. The e-juice comes in a wealth of aromas, so feel free to try those that suit you the best. One of the main drawbacks of e-cig smoking is the price. Many can’t afford to pay $200 on a vaporizer. Nonetheless, if you look at it as a long-term investment, then it’s worth the hefty price.

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Bottom line is, vaporizers might just be the new tech devices that soon will replace paper rolls and bongs used when smoking pot. As technology advances, they will become more affordable and qualitative. If you have the chance to try one, just do it to see what it’s like. You might like it.

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