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5 Technologies To Keep Your Construction Business on The Cutting Edge

Innovative technology can help give your business the advantage it needs over competitors. Not only can technology help make your work easier, but it can also give your customers a reason to choose you for their job. Clients will be able to see that your firm is knowledgeable and dedicated to success. You will also be able to keep your employees and your work sites free from danger and more efficient. Although you may need to invest some money up front, the long-term savings and additional jobs will make it worth your while. There are a variety of ways that you can integrate high tech solutions into your business. Here are five new technologies you need now.

1. Mobile Apps

There are many mobile apps that can allow you and your employees to work faster, safer, and more efficiently. Construction scheduling software makes scheduling jobs, tracking hours, organizing materials and staying on budget much easier to do on the go. You will spend less time overseeing office tasks and more time focusing on doing the work you went into the construction business to do. Construction calculator apps can also be a big time saver. They let you quickly make calculations for materials and site dimensions while you are out in the field.

2. 3-D Printing

The ability to 3-D print models will make project planning easier and faster. You’ll be able to give your clients a true visual representation of their design with less time and effort. Customers will be excited to see their ideas come to life before them. Unique models will also help your buyer make decisions between different options because they’ll be able to visualize the differences better. However, 3-D printing doesn’t just innovate the design phase of a project. It can also be used to create custom materials that are exactly right for your job.

3. Drones

Using a drone can literally give you a birds-eye view of your work site so you won’t miss a thing. Keeping an eye on progress, employees, safety measures and security can give you peace of mind you won’t get from traditional walk arounds or perimeter cameras. You’ll be able to spot potential issues sooner, saving you time and money. A drone can also help you keep better track of your equipment without needing to visit multiple work sites. Drones can also allow you to record problems and start working on solutions without the need to be on site.

4. Laser Scans

Traditional surveying of potential work sites can be time consuming and inaccurate. A laser scan will give you an extremely detailed view of every corner of a site. You’ll be able to get an accurate view of every square inch, which will help you make the right decisions and plan for any potential problems in advance. A laser scan can even be used in conjunction with your 3-D printer to build an exact replica model of your work site. This allows you to have a comprehensive plan and model before you even break ground on your project.

5. Wearable Devices

Keeping your workers safe is high priority, and there are a variety of wearable devices that can help you do just that. Smart watches can help monitor your employees’ health and activity, detect falls, and enable hands-free communication. Smart boots will assist in keeping track of employee locations on the site and will detect falls and shocks so that you can ensure your team is always safe. Smart helmets will detect dangerous fatigue and microsleeps by monitoring your workers’ vital signs. They can also warn of potential hazards in advance to prevent accidents.

Bringing these cutting-edge technologies to your business will allow you to run at peak efficiency while also protecting your most valuable asset, your employees. Customers will see that you go the extra mile by providing high quality planning and top-notch work. Investing in the future of your business will give you the advantage you need to stay at the top of your game.


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