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Chef Charge, Stylish Gadget Charging for Patrons

Most establishments like restaurants, bars or coffees, despite pleasing their most tech-savvy patrons with free Wi-Fi, do not provide means for them to charge their gadgets. The main reason for that has to do with practicality, as it is simply unfeasible to place a socket in every table.

Now, a company formed by MIT alumni aims to solve that problem, with a line of table-friendly gadget chargers. Chef Charge, how the line is called, has a set of three different products, which can be placed seamlessly in almost any dining establishment: candle holders, salt & pepper holders, and drink coasters.

All the products from Chef Charge are waterproof and built with high quality food-safe materials, which are also resistant and withstand damage from falls. Being compatible and safe to use with all kinds of smartphones and tablets, they are the perfect addition to any establishment wanting to keep their costumers online all the time.

The three kinds of chargers ship with custom USB cables and have a double protection against theft – firstly, because each charger has GPS tracking, and also because they can only be charged with special pads, specific for each type of charger, without which they are useless.

Other than these common aspects, each device has its own features, like the fact that several different kinds of salt and pepper shakers fit the salt & pepper holders, or the drink coasters providing a luminous indication about the charging power they have left.

All of the charging devices can be ordered with the custom logo of the establishment, and orders can vary in size, quantities, and so on. The team behind Chef Charge has a Service page where problems can be sorted out, and a Gallery page where some examples of orders put in place can be checked out.

If you are the owner of such an establishment, then you might want to seriously consider getting a hand on Chef Charge, so that no patron is left with a dead battery on your turf.

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