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The Perks of Owning a Smartwatch

Recent years have seen an explosion in the market for useable and wearable gadgets, and there’s little doubt that a smartwatch is high on the list of many people’s wants! These clever, convenient and increasingly popular little devices come in a wide variety of shapes and styles, and from a choice of name brands, and they are also surprisingly affordable. So, what does a smartwatch do, and how does it do it? That’s what we’re here to tell you!

Why Do I Need a Smartwatch?

There are a number of reasons why you might want to buy a smartwatch, or perhaps give one to someone as a gift. If you already wear a watch, there is much more to a smartwatch than your standard wristwatch. As an example, we took a look at one that is getting a lot of praise for its looks and capability, from Fossil, a major fashion brand. We’ll talk about it in a bit more detail below, but we recommend you check out this Fossil Q Wander review at Smart Geek Wrist where you will get all the details.

How a smartwatch works is by becoming an extension of your smartphone. In the case of the Fossil model we looked at, this is an Android model, so will connect to a phone running Android operating systems. It does so via Bluetooth so is instantly connected, and opens up a whole new way of getting notifications – for example – rather than having to find your phone and check it every time. If a message comes in, or an email or other communication, you just look at your watch, and you’ll know what it is.

This watch uses a special OS called ‘Android Wear’; this has been developed specially for smartwatches, and if you don’t have an Android phone you can also use it with an iPhone but you may not get full functionality. However, it’s best used with the right phone, so Samsung users are well catered for with this smartphone.

What Else can a Smartwatch Do?

There are many functions that you will find useful on a smartwatch. Many have vice activated features that are extremely convenient when you are on the move, and they may also be able to stream music and control your MP3 player or other devices. You can respond directly to calls, texts and mails – any communication in fact – from your wrist without the need to take out your phone, and it can also be used as a fitness aid, tracking your steps and distance covered as you go.

A gadget it may be, but the smartwatch is far more than just another gimmick. The Fossil watch we mentioned also looks great and comes with choice of watch faces, so you can choose the colour you want and also change straps should you wish. And before you ask, yes, it does tell the time! These are a clever addition to your communication network and will certainly be used by you, or by whoever you are gifting it to.

It’s important to know that as technology is improving all the time, there are watches that offer more features than the one we checked out, but this is a decent model for basic use, and at a sensible price. You can pay a lot more for more sophisticated examples, and as with all such devices, the price will come down as they become more popular. You might not think you need a smartwatch right now but, as many people have found when they bought or were given one, they are in fact very useful and convenient to wear, so why not check them out further.

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