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How long do Cuban Cigars last

Cuban cigars are famous and rightly so. It is every cigar lovers’ dream to one-day experience a Cuban cigar. Why are they famous, what makes them stand out? How long do cigars last? You ask. Visit Cigar Cigar Info for even more information but in this article, you will get detailed answers to these questions.

Cuban cigars are highly valued for three major reasons;

  1. Soil
  2. Climate
  3. Experience

Cuba has the right soil structure, the required minerals needed for tobacco , not forgetting the required humidity levels . It has long been said that Cuba has the best conditions in the world for tobacco farming.

Some of the world’s top-ranking farmers and cigar manufacturers are found in Cuba as well. People with in-depth knowledge of how to grow, properly ferment tobacco, age it, and finally put it together into a flavor-rich, well-balanced cigar.

Most of the Cuban cigar-making techniques have been around for centuries. They have been passed down from fathers to daughters and sons to maintain high-quality production of the Cigars. It’s worth noting that some Cuban cigars are purely handmade, while machines make others.

There is one other factor that makes Cuban cigars special; their cost. That Cuban cigars aren’t cheap is an understatement. They are expensive, though, given the value they bring, it’s safe to say they are worth their cost. Do note that some Cuban cigars are purely handmade, while machines make others. Even so, the great taste they provide unites them.

Given their rich history, great taste, and high cost. As a Cigar lover, one who may want to collect and keep his classic Cuban cigar collection for years. It’s important to know how long cigars last. Or as many people would ask, how long do Cuban cigars last?

A cigar can last for 2 weeks, 6 months, 5 years, or 20 years. The duration a cigar lasts is dependent on a couple of factors:

I. Cigar brand and type

Cuban cigars are well made. They are made by collecting the best everything be it tobacco, the right process, not forgetting the well-informed cigar farmer’s. Who take pride in their work.

Cigars are Cuba’s largest export; as a result, there are different types of Cuban cigars.

Some are made to last a long time and age well. They can stay for up to 20 years. In contrast, others are made to last a shorter time. Suppose you would want to store your cigars for a long time. You will have to research the different types of Cuban cigars available and their expected life span.

Of course, it would be preferable to pick one with a longer lifespan.

II. Storage

No matter the type of Cuban cigar you pick. The lifespan it promises. What will make or break the deal is how you will store the Cigars.

How do you store your Cigars? First, you buy a Humidor.

A humidor is a box built to mimic the Climatic conditions of where your cigar was made. They can be tweaked to remove excess moisture or add some moisture.

Humidors come in handy in aging cigars. They are the main determinants of how long your Cuban cigar will last.

Storing Cigars in a Humidor

  • It’s advisable to use distilled water, for tap water may lead to mineral accumulation and attract mold
  • Avoid stacking the cigars together. Please place them in well-spaced rows to allow for adequate air circulation.
  • Rotate your cigars every five to six months. This will ensure the humidity is evenly spread in the cigars.
  • Choose the right size humidor. The size will depend on your collection. It would help if you got a humidor that isn’t big nor small. Remember, you don’t want a stuffed humidor. That will mean less moisture, and your cigars may not last long. A bigger one will have more moisture, which will also work to your disadvantage. You need one that allows for optimum moisture.
  • Inspect your cigars weekly for mold or any signs of it.
  • It is highly advised to remove the cellophane wrappers before keeping the cigars in the humidor. It will allow flavor-melding. That is if you want them to meld.
  • Cigar oils have a tendency to meld and blend while in the humidor, known majorly as Cigar marrying. It is for this reason that researchers recommend storing the same type of cigar brand in a humidor. They will blend and meld perfectly.
  • Open the humidor at least once a month for a few hours. This is aimed at allowing fresh air in the box. Cigars can have a musty smell when the humidor is firmly sealed for long periods.

Other key storage items that work hand in hand with the humidor are the Hygrometer and the Humistat.

The hygrometers function will be to show you the humidity levels in an area. There are two types of hygrometers; Digital hygrometers and analog hygrometers. If you have a relatively small collection, you can start by getting an analog one, for they are cheaper.

Digital ones are rather costly but reliable. You won’t have to recalibrate them for a long time. Compared to the analog ones, which require calibration at least twice a year.

A Humistat is a smaller version of a humidifier. It maintains constant humidity levels without using electricity. Most are made of synthetic clay—experts’ advice picking a humistat that fits your collection and budget.

When storing your cigars, a point to note is that cigars are largely affected by the smell in their environment. You can use dividers, which are placed in the humidor. They minimize the mixing of flavors, keep your cigars fresh, and increase their shelf life.

Cuban cigars grow better as they age. They, however, have optimum points, which, once they attain, will lead to a reduction in the cigars flavor or taste. For this reason, younger cigars are preferred for storing in the humidor since they take longer to reach their optimum point.

As earlier stated, how long cigars last is dependent on the type of cigar and storage. Given that Cuban cigars are of good quality. How you store them and care for them will determine whether they last two, ten, or twenty years.

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