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Your Beauty Regimen: 10 Things You Need to Know About Botox Cosmetic

Technology and other innovative advancements are some of the things that make healthcare more efficient nowadays as they help to increase the quality of your life in every aspect. Some of those aspects in life are your beauty treatments and anti-aging microneedling skin treatment such as the Botox cosmetic treatment.

Botox is helpful to reduce your fine lines, softens your forehead wrinkles, and tightens your jawline which makes the product versatile. In case you don’t know, Botox works by paralyzing your muscles to help smooth out your wrinkles and other fine lines on your skin. Thus, read further with this list of things you need to know about Botox.

Botox is a Brand Name

Botox is one type of neurotoxin brand you can find in the market that you might know before. This brand is best in Melbourne for beauty treatments and an anti-aging skin care regimen, particularly to your facial area. The procedure would require the best botox doctor such as dermatologists to perform the injections safely and efficiently.

Another neurotoxin brands that are available in the market are the Dysport and Xeomin. The next-level neurotoxins or Dysport contains an active ingredient Botulinum toxin type A. This active ingredient is a purified neurotoxin type A complex that comes from the fermentation of bacterium Clostridium botulinum type A.

However, Dysport and Botox are both botulinum toxin injections you can use to treat muscle spasms. These two brands are helpful in preventing wrinkles and managing them. Thus, they are also both convenient because you can apply them with your dermatologist without hospitalization required.

On the other hand, Xeomin is another one of those neurotoxin treatments that is also known as the naked molecule. However, this purified neurotoxin does not contain extra surface proteins unlike the two brands, that’s why it can migrate deeper into your skin and leave with a less allergic reaction.

Botox Gets Injected with a Needle

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Botox is a diluted form of a Botulinum toxin that comes from a bacteria called Clostridium botulinum. Botox is an injectable neurotoxin that is essential to help relax your muscles mostly on your forehead, your eyebrows, and around your eyes.

Injecting Botox to your facial area will help temporarily block the local nerve impulses from the muscles in your face. The bacteria it contains which is the Clostridium botulinum is the reason why Botox could paralyze and relax your muscles.

The doctors or dermatologists will inject Botox to your muscles using a micro-needle. They would give you one to three injections per muscle on your forehead and your outer eye area. Thus, you would also feel a little pain or discomfort caused by the needle during the session.

Botox is a Safe Treatment When Done Correctly

Dermatologists inject Botox to your muscles for medical purposes such as your uncontrolled muscle spasms. The treatment is a cosmetic FDA-approved and a highly-requested procedure nowadays. This treatment could also smoothen your frown lines between your eyebrows and other facial wrinkles as well.

Botox treatment is FDA-approved to treat the abnormal contraction of eyelid muscles or known as Blepharospasm. The product is also an excellent treatment to hundreds of medical conditions such as chronic migraines, and the excessive sweating or Hyperhidrosis.

It is crucial that your doctor does the injection correctly and safely so that you would get the best results for your medical needs. It would also be necessary that you go to a board certified dermatologist or a plastic surgeon to get the job done correctly.

The Injection Won’t Eradicate Your Wrinkles

It is necessary that you know the expectations you need before doing the Botox session. This treatment doesn’t get rid of all your wrinkles. However, it gets rid of your lines and wrinkles you get from your facial expression.

But one thing the product would assure you is that the injection will help improve the appearance of these wrinkles because Botox can relax your muscles. Then after a few weeks of having your session, Botox can help reduce the wrinkles and fine lines on your forehead to achieve a much smoother facial area.

There’s No Age Required to Have it Done

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Doing the Botox treatment doesn’t require a specific age. You can do it as your preventative measure before the wrinkles appear or deepen on your face. You can also have this cosmetic injection based on your facial expressions, goals, and your preference as well.

When you see yourself on the mirror with wrinkles instead of your bright eyes and your smile, then it could be the best time to take care of them by going to your trusted dermatologist and start a good anti-aging regimen such as Botox treatment.

Your wrinkles will get deeper and become more numerous slowly in a long time, so you won’t easily notice them daily. You can also find horizontal lines drawn in your forehead without raising your eyebrows that become numerous when you get your brow up. Thus, a Botox treatment could be the answer to your problem.

It Won’t Make You Look Frozen

While some critics are saying that Botox could lose the personality in your face, the professional dermatologists would suggest that the product does not affect your facial muscles you use for your facial expressions. Thus, you can still have your natural facial expressions after the session.

However, the Botox injection will require you to avoid a lot of facial movements, but applying with the moderate amount of it would help you react and move naturally. The treatment will only relax your wrinkle-forming muscles, so it requires you to do fewer movements on these selected muscles to control your wrinkles and fine lines efficiently.

Your Face Might Look Funny at First

Botox will take three to five days before it starts to work on your muscles and you will notice its full effect within two weeks after the session. Aside from that, you will also know that the treatment starts to take its impact if you feel like there’s duct tape on your forehead.

The other effect of Botox to your face is that there are instances that you can’t move your face for a particular expression because it can affect the movement of your muscles after the session or a few days after. You can also experience a tight feeling at the beginning since your body is still adjusting with the toxin.

You can sometimes experience that the injection of the Botox in one area can also affect another area. An excellent example for this is when your doctor will inject too low on your forehead to control your wrinkles, it might end up lowering your brows. Hence, it would be crucial to go to a good dermatologist before doing it.

Botox is Both for Men and Women

Botox is not only for women alone. You can consider this product as one of the most common procedures that men would undergo because the treatment can provide them with a fresher and youthful appearance.

As a man, you would always want to look more relaxed and less stress to gain more confidence, especially on your job. It would also be essential that you won’t look like you’re frowning so much. Thus, a Botox treatment would provide you a more relaxed and fresher appearance rather than a younger look. So whether you want Botox or microneedling services, Aesthetic Lane is the best solution.

Botox is Not a One-Time Thing

Botox is not a one-time skin-care regimen because it only lasts up to around three months or more. That is why your dermatologist would require you to go for maintenance every three to six months.

This treatment would temporarily relax your muscles, so after three months you would notice that your wrinkles are visible again. It is because as your skin ages, your collagen breaks down and your skin will lose elasticity that are the primary causes why it creates more permanent creases or wrinkles.

Injecting the Botox within a few months will also help your body to make new acetylcholine receptors, and your nerves can do their impulses again. Thus, it would be essential that you continuously inject the neurotoxins to help reduce the movements of your muscles and help prevent long-term creasing of your skin as well.

Make Sure to Ask How Many Units You’ll Get

Making sure that you ask your plastic surgeon or dermatologist with how many units they recommend will help you prevent to look frozen after the session. Your doctor will give you the necessary information regarding the dosage that is right for your skin type.

Indeed, the treatment will make you look brighter and allows you to get a better version of yourself. However, you should also know that everyone’s faces differ, so asking how many units you’ll get on the session would help you ensure its efficiency and safety especially if you’re still a beginner.


Botox Cosmetic is an injectable treatment that is ideal for reducing the wrinkles and fine lines on your face. However, most of you might not know that Botox is a brand name of neurotoxins together with Xeomin and Dysport.

As such, before you go to your plastic surgeons or cosmetic dermatologists, make sure you know the necessary information about the product to see if it can work best for you. Above are some of the things you need to know before getting a Botox injection and see the better version of yourself.

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