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Free Bingo That Pays Real Money

Free things do not pay! It is a common saying with some truth in it, of course. Well, it might not apply when it comes to playing free Bingo games because you actually get paid, and real money for that matter.

How is this even possible? It is merely just a competitive strategy where some bingo sites are able to grant their players with free Bingo games to ensure that they play and win without making any deposits from their pockets.

Ways to get real money when playing free bingo

Free bingo games that pay real money are availed in a number of ways which include:

1. New player bonus

In this case, the Bingo site offers each new player with funds on their wallet immediately he/she completes the registration process. To get the bonus, the site does not require the user to deposit funds from their own pockets. On virtually all sites, however, this deposit cannot be directly withdrawn and thus it must be used for playing games on the site. To the bright side, you can withdraw the winnings accruing from the awarded welcome bonus.

2. First deposit bonus

This is the commonest type of bonus offered by Bingo sites. Here, the users are only awarded a cash bonus after completing the signup process and making the first deposit. In most cases, you qualify for a larger bonus when you deposit more. Some of the top sites can even double your initial bonus.

You can use both the bonus and your deposit for playing or you can choose to withdraw your deposit and only play with the bonus funds. The bonus cannot be withdrawn in most cases but the winnings accruing from it are.

3. Top up bingo bonus

If you continue playing bingo, most sites will surprise you with a top up bingo bonus which should come as an encouragement for you to keep up the “good spirit”. The amount you receive basically depends on how much you stake on a regular basis.

4. Long-term loyalty bonus

When you continue playing Bingo on most sites, you will be awarded free gift cards for bingo games, ticket raffles, cash bonuses, and so much more.

Playing bingo for free? Beware of restrictions!

There are a few things that you should keep in mind when you are looking for sites that will allow you to play Bingo for free. You should always be careful not to get tempted because the Bingo sites are also in it for business. They will not just give you money for free. The cash rewards are usually restricted by strict wagering and withdrawal restrictions meaning that you can only use the funds to play bingo games on the site.

In promotional adverts, the idea is always to lure new players without putting out these restrictions on the surface. If you follow an ad that promises to triple your deposit, you might eventually have to take chances of playing Bingo with the whole amount (your deposit plus the bonus).

Benefits of playing online Bingo for free

Playing Bingo for free may seem like a boring idea. Why play Bingo for free when you could just do it for real money? Well, it does come in handy in a number of ways which include:

1. Getting a feel of how bingo feels like

New players want to know how playing bingo feels like. Playing Bingo is a perfect way for going about this because you can test out 2 or more games before depleting your bonus.

Is the jackpot high enough compared to other similar sites? Can you keep up with the speed of the gameplay? Are there enough players for multiplayer Bingo games? Is the game entry ticket price reasonable? These are some of the questions that you can answer by playing Bingo for free.

In short, if anyone is thinking of playing online Bingo, he/she should play free Bingo first.

2. Free money by spending absolutely nothing

This is, without a doubt, the main reason why people play free Bingo games. You get free real money by spending absolutely nothing. Of course, no site will allow you to win life-changing money such as full-house jackpot close to £1m with their free deposit. All you can win is a tenner jackpot although it is very rare.

Selecting a site for playing free Bingo

To get the best sites that offer free Bingo for real money, you should consider doing a few things which include:

1. Peruse the site

The best way to evaluate any site is to peruse it. Most importantly, look at the methods of payment accepted for withdrawals and the policies limiting the withdrawal of funds accruing from free bonuses. It would be very inconveniencing to find out that you do not have access to the method used to withdraw the winnings from the awarded bonus.

2. How long has the site been in operation

Another thing, you might want to find out how long the site has been in operation. It will be very easy for you to find information concerning sites that have been in operation for a long time on customer review sites. Reading the reviewers’ comments on the internet will help you in making your decision because you see whether the other players got their money from playing free Bingo on that particular site, how quick they got the money, and the payment method they got their money with.

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