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The Many Uses of Touch Screen Kiosks

If you have been walking around a mall, fast food restaurant or even an airport, you have likely seen a touch screen kiosk. Thanks to the rapid innovation of technology, these have began to pop up in a number of different locations. While these cannot replace employees entirely, they can definitely help companies reduce staffing as well as offer better service.

There is a lot of potential for these kiosks to be used in a wide range of different industries. In fact, they have already found homes in several different industries and have proven to have a variety of use cases. This blog post is going to look at some of the many ways that these touch screen kiosks are being used today, and why.

In Fast Food Restaurants

With America being home to hundreds of thousands of different fast food restaurants, there are millions of employees that work at these establishments. However, these touch screen kiosks we have been mentioning could help bring down the need for so many employees. See, in a fast food setting, these kiosks are used to help customers order their food with a few touches on the screen.

While many customer still prefer talking to a cashier to take their order, others like the simplicity and quickness of ordering on a machine. These machines are quite intuitive and generally easy to use and allow you to customize your order in any way, just as you would with a cashier. Eventually, we may not even need cashiers at fast food establishments, which could save companies millions of dollars.

For Market Research

Conducting market research is incredibly important for a ton of different companies in many industries. Unfortunately, getting people to participate is not always easy. You also may not have easy access to those you want to survey. While many people don’t want to visit a website online to fill out a survey, they might be willing to do so if you make it easy on them.

As a result, including a touch screen kiosk in a physical location can be a good idea. It can be a helpful way to get more people to fill out the information you want. So whether it is a retail store trying to figure out shopper pain points, or a restaurant trying to see how their service stacks up, a touch screen kiosk with offline survey software can be beneficial. Also, offering some sort of incentive is a good way to increase how many people participate.

In Airports

Airports are notorious for lackluster customer service and seemingly everyone has a “bad airport experience” story. In fact, studies have shown that service in the air travel sector is consistently bad and leads to a lot of complaints. A lot of this has to do with long waits, mistreatment of customers and a disjointed experience offered by many airlines.

In an effort to combat this, many airports have included self-service kiosks at various points within the building. Many of these have different uses, as well. Some display flight information for reference, while others might be used to check in or get boarding passes. This provides a simple solution for customers, while also speeding up the whole preflight process and making it less stressful. While these aren’t free from their own problems, they have the potential to be a viable solution.

So as you can see, these touch screen kiosks have provided a lot of value in many different industries. Don’t be shocked to see more and more uses for these devices come up within the next few years, as well.

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