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Published on August 2nd, 2019 | by Bibhuranjan


Top 6 Smart Home Locks to Help You Make up Your Mind

Did it ever occur to you that when you went shopping with your friends and suddenly wondered whether you locked your door or not? Or sometimes you will forget to bring the keys with you, which causes a lot of troubles for you. All of these problems above can be easily solved by smart home locks.

With the improvement of technology, a digital door lock turns out to be increasingly famous in the market contrasting with a traditional mechanical lock, for the reason that the former, a more intelligent and convenient lock, can dramatically enhance the security, the management and the performance of identification.


When it comes to selecting a suitable smart home door lock for your families or your company property, it’s usually a little difficult for you to seize a high-quality digital door lock with good security, durability and relatively nice-looking appearance. For one thing, it’s hard to find out such a perfect smart home lock which can really meet all your needs. For another, there are so many poor-quality and inauthentic intelligent locks in the market that not only waste your money and time but also may lead to some dangers to your families or your properties. So if you are planning to select an excellent smart home lock, you’re on the right path. The following is the top 6 intelligent home locks to help you make up your mind.

SHS-P718 smart home lock of Samsung

Samsung has made an outstanding contribution to the popularization of smart home locks and has gained popularity around the world.

Many people would like to choose a smart home lock that uses passwords to unlock and lock their doors, while there are some problems with it. However, this SHS-P718 smart home lock of Samsung is equipped with a useful function called floating password, which can create two random codes on the touch screen before every time you enter your passwords. This can effectively prevent the real passwords from being left on the touch screen, and can also protect your passwords from being peeped by a stranger. However, the price of SHS-P718 smart home lock of Samsung may be too high.

A8 smart home lock of MOLILOCK

MOLILOCK is one of the leading smart door lock manufacturers in China, which was established in 1998. During 20 years of development, MOLILOCK has built up a complete organizational structure including technique research, manufacture, marketing and after-sales service departments.

As for this A8 MOLILOCK, the identification speed of biometric fingerprint is less than 0.5s. It has an acute touch panel with a bilingual system and clear LED screen. Your door will be more convenient to unlock with the hidden fingerprint scanner and push-pull handle design, at the meanwhile, your door can be locked automatically. There are black and copper; these two colors you can choose according to your decoration design.


YDM4109 smart home lock of Yale

Yale is one of the oldest renowned lock brands in the world. It has partnered with iRevo, a Korean digital electronic company, to incorporate advanced automated digital technology into its original locks in 2008.

YDM4109 smart home lock of Yale can provide you with three methods to unlock and lock your door: passwords, fingerprints, and mechanical keys. What’s more, the battery of its lock is able to last for one year. One of its disadvantages is that the one-way lock mechanical structure is so simple that your door cannot be locked automatically after you close your door.

T1 smart home lock of ORVIBO

Founded in 2011, ORVIBO is a smart home lock brand from Shenzhen, China. It focuses on offering a smart home service for customers at home and abroad.

Its T1 Smart door lock embraces the philosophy of integral and straightforward and provides more than 200 sensors and an alarm system. Furthermore, it gives your families or your employees with multi-user accounts. But it would take you some efforts to pass the fingerprint identification because different press postures will significantly affect the success rate of identification.

U5 smart home lock and L661 smart home lock of MOLILOCK

These two digital home locks have an advanced and independent operating system, and the speed of identification of semiconductor biometric fingerprint is less than 0.5s. There are two colors of the indicator light representing different situations of your unlocking. Green tells that you have unlocked successfully and the red light shows that you have failed to open your door.


You can choose U5 smart home lock, supporting for 433 modules and 2.4G, if you want your fingerprint to be identified once you hold the handle. Besides, L661 smart home lock with a pleasing appearance in the post-modern style, will be recommended to you for its corrosion resistance with unique materials.

Based on the information above, you can make a conscious and informed purchase. If this is your first time to select a digital home lock, MOLILOCK this brand can be your choice.

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