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Moving Company Guide: How to use social media to target your local customers?

Most of the moving companies do not pay much attention to social media marketing. Well, it is quite understandable because not many social media users come and comment on your posts or like them, making the entire account a happening place for you to spend your time and efforts. But, if it’s boring, it isn’t necessarily useless.

Yes, social media is a very important tool moving businesses can use to expand their business and profit. Every day, a great share of customers spend their time on the internet making searches to find the right company. In fact, some of the best local movers around you have already wooed a good customer pool by making themselves available online for such search results.

Social media marketing is one tool that makes you more visible and search worthy online. This post serves as a guide for those moving companies who are looking forward to targeting the local customer pool and expanding their operations.

Why do you need social media marketing?

A part of this question has been answered in the above paragraph. Your customers are looking for you over the internet and social media makes a significant share of the World Wide Web. This means you need to be present on the web to ensure you encounter these searches. Besides, social media is the best platform to connect with your local customers and build your brand within the community. When you are established as a brand, you are the first name to pop in the customer’s mind when they are planning to move.

Being social is crucial and it must be done with all the heart and soul. You cannot expect your auto posted content to generate you great results and great business leads until and unless you are invested in it with the aim of relationship development and network building.

You must post engaging content, like, reply and converse with your followers and make every possible move to engage the crowd on your social media profiles. Besides, you must engage with businesses that complement your services. For example, commenting on the post of a real estate company or a storage service provider will highlight you as a moving business on their page and people seeking a change of house or a storage facility may want you to help them with the move.

Being Social is your mantra to get established and recognized by your customer pool.

Social media marketing tips for moving companies

  • Make engaging posts about moving and storage tips

The customer seeks guidance from a moving company because the moving process itself is very intimidating. Besides, if you keep on posting about your brand and company, you will not be offering anything valuable to your customers. They aren’t on your social media profile to see advertisements. Give them information and value.  Tips like “How to find the right storage units” or “ways to check the mover’s credibility” are a great way to keep your followers entertained.

  • Be brave share content

While it is a great idea to post your own content, sharing the post from other companies and individuals is also a great way to keep your audience entertained. If you come across an article that is helpful for your customers, make sure you share it with due credits.

  • Keep them engaged

Keeping your customer engaged is the best way to ensure they recognize you and are eager to establish a connection with you. Whether you share their content, reply on their post or start a conversation on their comment, these are some very effective ways to engage your audience. When you engage with them at a personal level, you pay them value. A customer that feels valued with you can bring a lot of referrals for your business and help you expand your network.

  • Hashtags are your tool

Adding relevant hashtags to the post makes your content more discoverable. The hashtags will also attract others who aren’t following you already. Besides, you must also work on the visual aspect of the posts, ensuring that they are attractive visually.

  • Encourage engagement

From discussion groups to freebies and other giveaways, you can make sure that your flowers feel encouraged to connect with you. When you offer something in return, you can get great engagement with the customers and expand. Ask the customers to share a photo of their new home or may be how they have organized their storage units and declare a winner.

  • Be consistent

Do not just post and forget about your social media profile. Make sure you post in a pattern and in a way that your customers and viewers feel you are serious about the business and not just casual.

Make sure your followers get something new and engaging, every time they search for you or come across your profile. Social media is very important for boosting engagement and ensuring that your business is considered as a credible brand. We hope these tips come handy to you as you build your empire as a credible local moving company.

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